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Best Sun Care Tips for Mums in GCC

Best Sun Care Tips for Mums in GCC

Living in GCC means having sun and warm weather almost all year long. That makes sun care products essentials especially when you go to parks, pools, or even for a simple walk to the grocery store. Here some of the best sun care tips for all mums in GCC.

Why do we need sun care products? 

– To protect you children from harmful ultraviolet rays.

– Helps avoid skin dehydration.

– Protect your children from heat strokes.

Sun care tips to protect my children from harmful rays during summer? 

1| protect their skin by getting bathing suits that cover their skin.

2| Sunglasses are great for protecting your little ones’ eyes from bad sun lights. 

3| A summer hat or cap is great to protect your children from the sun. 

4| Avoid playing or sitting in places with direct sunlight. Choose places that are shaded and protected from sunlight. 

5| Use sunblock for maximum sun protection. 

Keep in mind: 

– Don’t stay in the sun for long periods of time.

– If your child is taking any kind of medication, make sure it won’t create bad reactions or allergies when exposed to sunlight. 

– Be a role model. Direct sunlight and harmful rays can affect you too. So make sure you too wear sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen so your children would follow.

Here are some great picks that you’ll be needing:

1| Hats

Protect your little one’s head from the nasty heat and direct sunlight. A hat is necessary during hot days.

2| Sunglasses

Sunglasses protect our kids’ eyes from bad UV lights. They are also too cute and cool!

3| Sunscreen

Do not leave the house without applying sunscreen. All experts, doctors, and fellow mums agree on this.

4| Bathing Suits

We like a bathing suits that covers most of their bodies to keep their sensitive skin protected. This will help them avoid irritations that can happen from public pools and the chemicals in them.

5| Water bottles

Remind your child to stay hydrated by getting him or her a water bottle to their liking. This will encourage them to drink water and stay hydrated.