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Books for Teenagers: Top 10 Must Read Books

Books for Teenagers: Top 10 Must Read Books

Reading is a very important skill that our young adults must master. It broadens their minds, and helps build their intellectual skills. As it expands their vocabulary and opens the doors for new knowledge. Here are the top 10 must read books for teenagers. Make sure to get them to your young adults now! 

Top 10 Books for Teenagers

1| Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series introduces readers to Greg Heffley, his family, and his best friend. In those books, Greg shares the daily trials and triumphs of friendship, family and middle school life. In addition, this very successful book series teaches the readers to dream big, to always trust their mums, and to overcome their fears. It is truly one of the best books for teenagers and middle school children.

2| Harry Potter

Who doesn’t love the world of sorcery, wizards, witches and magical creatures? While the movies are amazing and capturing, the books are even more so. Harry Potter is a must read book for teenagers. Not only does it create a whole other world inside their heads. But it also teaches them great life lessons. Like how true friendship will last through any life challenges. How being afraid of something does not mean the lack of courage. And how love is the most powerful thing ever. Especially a mother’s love. 

A lot of parents are fans of Harry Potter, so if you are. You can turn this into a bonding activity with your kids. Where you read a book, watch its movie, and move on to the next.

3| The Fault in Our Stars

Follow the story of Hazel and Augustus Waters and how they try to survive with their difficult health conditions. And how they balance it with having a normal teenage life. The story combines both heartache and ambition in an addictive way. It teaches young adults that it is ok to have feelings, and it is ok to express them. Also, this book helps the reader understand that even if the outcome is not what you want. That is OK. The universe works in mysterious ways, and sometimes that is better than our own expectations.

4| Zaha Hadid – Little People, Big Dreams

Zaha Hadid is an Iraqi-British architect, who grew up in Baghdad. She was a curious and confident child with a knack for design. This book teaches kids to appreciate tradition, and to find connections between it and modern life. It also encourages kids to follow their dreams and creativity. And to never be worried or embarrassed about this.

5| Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

Adding some classical choices is a great way to have a colorful reading experience. Almost all of us know Tom Sawyer and his adventures. This classical tale is filled with mischief, cheeky fun, and a touch of thrilling anticipation. Moreover, this book tells children that being brave, and telling the truth matters more than fears and worries. It also teaches children that success has no shortcuts. And that every responsibility they have, like chores, helps them become better people. 

6| The Man In The Iron Mask

Another classical tale that we love. Not just because Leonardo DiCaprio was in the movie, but because this book is a true masterpiece. This is one of the books for teenagers which introduces them to Dumas’ famous Three Musketeers, and one of their breathtaking adventures. By the end of this book, your children will learn all about how good always prevails. And how teamwork and trust can achieve anything.

7| What’s Happening To Me?

This is a perfect book for little girls to understand one of the major phases of their lives. This sensitive and detailed guide covers female puberty fully. Which makes it invaluable for young girls and parents alike. Read this book with your daughter. And discuss the topics it covers such as the physical changes that her body will go through. This book will make this phase easier as it will fully prepare your little girl for it.

8| Mortal Chaos : Speed Freaks

Mortal Chaos is a series of three books: Mortal Chaos, Speed Freaks, and Deep Oblivion. This series of books goes through a butterfly effect, and how it quickly sets in motion a rollercoaster of events. At first, the stories might seem distant and unrelated. But the thrill your child will experience once he or she connects the dots is beyond description.

9| A Darkling Plain

This is the fourth and final novel in the Mortal Engines Quartet series, written by British author Philip Reeve. It has airships, war, peace, and many other topics to engage young adults.

10| Sherlock Holmes

Young adults and teenagers love mystery, deductions, and plot twists. That is why Sherlock Holmes is here on this list for must read books. This complete series collection will keep your little one entertained and fully involved in following Sherlock and Watson in their adventures.