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Books for Newborns: Top 10 Bestselling Books on #BookTok

Books for Newborns: Top 10 Bestselling Books on #BookTok

It is never too early to start buying books for your little baby. Your newborn will love books. Even if just for putting them in his or her mouth at first. Reading for newborn babies at an early age helps their language development, along with emotional and intellectual growth. Learn here the top 10 books for newborns to start their reading journey. 

#BookTok: Best Books for Newborns

1| Indestructibles: Let’s Be Kind

First of all, in the first years, babies read with their mouth – there is no way around it. This book is designed exactly for that. As the material is paperlike, rip proof, chew proof, nontoxic, and completely washable. That is on top of the fun and rich content which babies will love as they hear it over and over from their parents. 

2| Peppa’s Magical Creatures

All babies love Peppa Pig. She is fun, adventurous, and exciting. It is a great mix to have your baby wash a little bit of Peppa Pig, then bring out this book to continue the episode you were watching. This way your baby will grow to understand that fun can be on paper just as on the screen. This book follows up Peppa’s adventure with many other magical creatures. Like a mermaid, a dragon and a narwhal.

3| Bizzy Bear: Fun Park

A cute bear, adorable friends, and a Fun Park! All of that in one book that your little baby will adore. This rhyming story has lots to spot and say in this series of bright, interactive board books for babies. It has many pulling and turning mechanisms to develop your little one’s fine motor skills along with their language and intellectual skills.

4| Noisy Farm Peekaboo!

Most of our babies meet farm animals before any other animals. This fun and interactive book has 5 farm sounds for your baby to listen to and recognize as he or she gets older. Watch your little one take the wheel and press those sounds on his or her own. That moment will truly make you feel that times fly, and your baby is getting bigger by the day!

5| Dinosaurs First Words

A book that combines fun and colors along with simple language to help little babies build their language skills. As we said before, it is never too early for babies to learn verbal expressions. And this fun dinosaur-themed book will help you do so. They can also turn the pages by themselves with the easy spine loop.

6| Nursery Rhymes With A Sing-along Music CD

We, as mums, start singing nursery rhymes for our newborn babies from day one. So, why not get a book filled with those cute little rhymes? This book also has a sing-along CD that helps your baby to learn the words and interact with the music. They might not be able to mouth the words, but they will understand what each and every word refers to. In fact, many studies show that musical toys and musical books are great at developing babies’ milestones.

7| Sawan Charts – Part Of The Body

This is not exactly a book, but it is a helpful wall hanging to teach babies body parts. You can leave it hanging on the wall and your baby will stare at it and go through it daily. This will also stimulate babies and foster their development, as well as providing a fun first introduction to body parts. 

8| Mind To Mind Flash Cards – Numbers

Many speech experts believe that using flashcards is a wonderful way to start teaching your baby to talk. They are ideal for infant stimulation, as they make learning new words fun and interactive. These flashcards cover numbers, and there are others that cover alphabets and simple objects names.

9| Ten Little Dinosaurs

All babies love dinosaurs – if you know, you know. This 10 little dinosaurs book is filled with adventure, as it introduces all kinds of dinosaurs. The illustrations and drawings are very attractive which can also help your baby with color recognition.

10| Priddy Books – Sight Words

Finally, this is one of the best books for newborns. When teaching babies words, we should focus on good literacy foundations as much as simple and basic words. Speaking to your baby in full sentences. That they are grammatically correct helps them develop good and correct language foundations from a young age. We know, baby talk is irresistible, but throw in full sentences every now and then for their language and speech development.