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Breastfeeding Essentials for Every New Mum

Breastfeeding Essentials for Every New Mum

Some new mums find it challenging to breastfeed their babies. But we all can agree that it is so important as it is the main source of nutrition for your little one. So, here are some of our favorite essentials for you as a new mum to ease breastfeeding your little angel. 


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  • My Brest Friend – Deluxe Pillow

Newborns might get tired during breastfeeding and need several breaks to rest their little mouths. That’s why comfort is important during your breastfeeding experience because you need to be really patient when you feed your baby. This nursing pillow will do the job. It is designed to be secured to your body helping you and your baby maintaining the feeding position. We love that it has a convenient pocket to keep water bottles, burp cloths, phone, and whatever you need within your reach.

Nursing covers are essential for you as a new mum as they are designed to provide you with an easy view to check on your nursing babies while staying completely covered. It has convenient pockets and goes perfectly with your nursing pillow.

Pigeon – Breast Pads Honey Comb 12pc Pack

Not only does it have an adorable name, but the Honeycomb lining enables to spread milk evenly and trap excess milk quickly. Its breathable layer and leak proof coverage protects you and your clothing to stay dry and always feel confident!

Blooming Blossom – Hands free Pumping & Nursing Bra – Nude

Haakaa pumping & nursing bra is ideal for breastfeeding or milk pumping. It is comfortable, has adjustable x-shaped straps, and keeps your hands free to stay busy. Its nude

Medela – Swing Flex Electric Breast Pump

Some mums feel that breast pumps are not necessary. But we assure you, it is! Not only does it regulate and increase breast milk, but it also saves time because you will need it whether you’re a working mum or a stay-at-home mum.

Medela – Cooler Bag

Medela’s Cooler Bag is a favorite with mums for keeping breast milk cool on the go. It is a great secondary container to transport your breast milk home from work or leave at the daycare center.

Nuvita – Thermal Gel Breast Pads – Blue

Why buy two pads, one hot and one cold, when you can get one that has both? This pad can be used cold to help relieve pain and swelling due to engorgement, and it can be used warm to help relieve engorgement, plugged ducts, mastitis or to encourage let-down. It is specially designed to work with any type of breast pump to encourage let-down and reduce expressing time. Plus, its violet color is just too cute!

Prepare these essentials, and get ready for this wonderful nurturing experience. And you can always check our breastfeeding guide for more information.