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7 Toys that Encourage Children to Eat Healthy Food

We all can agree - these days there are so many tempting yet unhealthy food choices for our kids. Fast food and junk food are so tempting and some are quite tasty. But how can we make healthy foods and meals equally tempting? We found out that using toys can encourage our kids to eat ...
Why Good Nutrition in Childhood is Vital

Children need the right balance of nutrients in order to be the best version of themselves; they need food to give them energy, to provide for their growing bodies and to keep them healthy. The first important concept is to ensure that your child has access to a wide variety of foods from infancy. Keep ...
Innovation In Feeding for Picky Eaters

A picky eater is… -A child with an unwillingness to eat familiar foods or to try new foods, as well as strong food preferences. -A child with poor dietary variety (during early childhood). -A child whose diet and nutrient composition is concerning. -A child who may experience possible adverse health-related outcomes due to this fussy/picky ...
5 Benefits of Dance Classes for Children

Attending classes in the arts, has been proven to help improve overall physical and mental wellbeing. When learning to dance, children exercise and learn on an unconscious level, whilst having fun dancing to their favourite songs.  Through commitment and practice, skills such as rhythm, timing and a new, often complicated sequence of steps are learnt.  […]

Letting your child go out alone

Few issues in parenting bring such a broad range of views than the thorny question of how old your child needs to be before you let him or her out of your sight for the first time. And it's true: on the Talk boards, some Mumsnetters describe cheerfully waving off five and six year olds to play ...
How to keep your kids healthy this Dubai summer

The summertime in Dubai can cause a bit of laziness both physically and mentally for your children. Without the routine of school, the physical and mental stimulation your children undergo during the school year, they can become a lot less willing to run around or even think. Your children’s health should be well looked after ...