Easy Summer Holiday Treats!

Are you looking for ways to beat the heat now that summer is here? Watch the video to learn about 3 healthy and hassle-free treats you and your little ones can enjoy while cooling off after some fun in the sun. Delicious and refreshing has never been so easy!
Building Self Confidence in Your Child

Wondering how you can help your child build strong self-confidence? Developing self-confidence in your child supports them cope better with making mistakes and in moving forward even after they may not succeed the first time around. As a result, children perform better at school, feel more secure in the home environment and engage positively with ...
Easy Mealtime Solutions

As most mums know, mealtime can be a messy affair! From tantrums to spilt drinks, to overturned bowls – mealtimes can be quite hectic. Watch the video to learn more on 3 easy ways to make mealtimes fun for kids and stress-free for mums!
Fun Ice Activities for Kids

Wracking your brain for fun indoor-outdoor activities with your children? Now that summer is around the corner, here are three easy, hassle-free activities you can plan for your kids with simple items you can find around your house. Watch the video to find out more on this fun hack; how you can beat the heat ...
How to Discipline Your Child

What is the best way to manage your child's behavior? Discipline isn’t just about giving children consequences. Instead, it ensures that children gain the skills required to become responsible adults. With appropriate discipline and boundaries, children learn to mange their emotions and make better choices. Most importantly, discipline should be used to keep them safe ...
How you can bond emotionally with your child

Are you spending enough time bonding emotionally with your child? Infancy is a crucial time for brain development in babies and toddlers. The evidence of a loving, nurturing relationship between parents and their children is powerful. Consistent and regular bonding time is key to the emotional, social and cognitive development of your child. Here are ...
How often does my tween need a checkup?

How often should your kids get a checkup after the age of 5? Why do you need make sure your tween kids visit the doctor for check up? and what the doctor should be looking for? The answer for these questions is in Dr. Rania's video below.
How much vitamin D does a newborn need?

In this video Dr. Rania Hawayek talks about vitamin D needs for newborn babies. Vitamin D deficiency has been an issue for all ages in the last couple of years. However, it is highly important to make sure newborns takes sufficient amount of vitamin D for healthy growth, and development.