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Childrens Creativity: What Can Destroy It?

Childrens Creativity: What Can Destroy It?

We all work hard on building up and fostering our children’s creative mindset. Sometimes, we focus on that so much that we forget what might destroy it. While certain things obviously have a negative impact on childrens creativity, others are less obvious. Learn here 10 things that can destroy your child’s creativity and make sure to avoid them. 

What Can Destroy Children’s Creativity? 

1| Physical discipline. 

While this is something that not all parents resort to. But physical discipline can hugely backfire onto children’s creativity. For instance, even something as simple as a light hand slap can affect a child. It also creates some sort of fear of physical contact- therefore; try to avoid it fully. Alternatively, use positive physical contact even when disciplining your children. Pat their shoulders or pat them on their head. This will boost their self-esteem and teach them to accept positive and loving physical contact. 

2| Screen time. 

Screen time is one of the most argued issues in raising children these days. Especially that technology is even a part of their education. And parents are torn between giving their children screen time and banning it. We believe that moderation is key. We also believe that screen time should be earned rather than given. Finally, make sure to keep an eye on what your children watch or play. This will keep your mind at peace knowing they are not exposed to content that will impair their creativity. 

3| Constant criticism.

Constantly criticizing your children and making fun of them – even if your intentions are good – is very bad. Not only doesn’t lower their self-esteem and confidence. But it also impairs their creative mindset. And that is even worse when done in front of others. Children who are constantly criticized often focus on what others think rather than being creative. Moreover, it forces them to self-isolate and not think correctly. 

4| Lessening their achievements.

Always praise your children’s achievements, no matter how big or small. This will encourage them to do better in the long run. Some parents think that lessening their children’s achievements motivates them to do better. But on the contrary, it kills their creativity bit by bit. The same goes when comparing your child’s achievements to another. So, make sure to never compare your child to someone else whether a friend or a sibling. 

5| Putting conversation off the table. 

Conversation is always important between parents and their children. It brings them closer and helps them bond better. When you have long conversations with your children, they will trust you and turn to you whenever they need. Setting rules without talking about them kills your kid’s ability to discuss matters and speak their minds. So, always resort to discussing rules and do’s and don’ts with your children. And forget about simply ordering them and expecting them to obey silently. 

6| Not getting enough hydration. 

Being fully hydrated helps children be more active and focused. It boosts their concentration and helps them when studying. Which eventually boosts their creativity along with their ability to express it. Therefore, make sure to get your child his or her own water bottle and urge them to drink water constantly. 

7| Skipping breakfast. 

Skipping breakfast would cause sugar levels to drop. And this will greatly affect their concentration in the classroom. Thus affecting their creativity and thinking skills. Therefore, always make sure your kids have a good and balanced breakfast. On both school days and weekends too. 

8| Spoon feeding rather than explaining. 

Spoon feeding is one of the worst educational approaches one might use with children. If they do not understand, they will not learn. So, make sure you and your child’s teacher understand their individual needs, strengths and weaknesses and meet their educational needs. 

9| Not letting them experience their childhood to the max. 

In some cases, children forget they are children. That is because they take on more responsibility than they can handle. Especially when being overloaded with schoolwork. Therefore, always offer your kids a chance to blow off steam. They are still kids and need to play, run, make messes, make mistakes, and learn from them. 

10| Forcing them into certain molds. 

Some educators force students into certain molds because they are the best. They do so ignore their own personal individual needs and their own creativity. For instance, some kids write in very big letters. Their handwriting would take up more space than others. So, teachers force kids to write smaller letters. And that is not the best approach. As their handwriting will become better and tidier as they grow up.