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Help Kids Overcome Being Shy when Participating in Class

Help Kids Overcome Being Shy when Participating in Class

Some children are shy or scared of participating in class – and that is normal. There are many reasons behind their refusal to participate or interact with their teacher. Some kids prefer to sit silently and just listen, because to them that is safer. But that will not help them develop any skills as participating in class would do. In fact, being active in class helps them academically and socially. So, if your child is not participating in class as he or she should. Then this article is for you.

How to Encourage Kids when Participating in Class?

Some mums find that some of their children are academically excelling, while others are not doing as well. Some kids do their homework correctly and fully at home, or alone in class. But when it comes to participating to answer a question in class, they are unable to be as well. And sometimes teachers reach out to parents to discuss this. In order to solve this, we must understand why it is happening. And how can we deal with kids’ being shy from being active in the classroom? 

Why don’t kids participate in class? 

1| Fear of being wrong.

The main reason behind refusing to participate in class is that children are afraid of giving wrong answers. They think that giving a wrong answer will reflect their intelligence, which they prefer to avoid. While some fear is normal, it should not totally prevent them from being active in class. This will create many obstacles for them both academically, and socially. 

2| They are scared of being made fun of. 

School kids always consider what their peers think of them. They are shy of interacting with teachers because they fear their peers will make fun of them. So, they keep their answers to them because they are worried and perhaps insecure. 

3| Social interaction troubles. 

Most kids refuse to be a part of a classroom discussion. Even though they have the right answers. That is because they might be experiencing social anxiety. Therefore, both teachers and parents must help kids overcome their social anxiety. This will impact your kids greatly as they grow up. 

How to encourage my kid to participate in class? 

– Talk to their teachers. 

Being a part of the school’s community helps you be involved in your kids’ education. Talking to their teachers helps you understand what they are going through. As it will help you solve any troubles they are facing. Discuss with your kids’ teachers how to encourage your kids to be more active in class. Figure out some activities that can boost your kids’ confidence to be verbal in class. Discussing this matter with teachers helps understanding why this is happening. And how to solve it perfectly. Point out to the teachers your children’s strengths and weaknesses and how to work on them. 

– Role playing as teachers. 

As adults, we tend to solve problems through putting ourselves in other people’s shoes. This helps us understand all points of views and learn from them. Teaching this to your child will be just as useful. Have your children act out a classroom scenario. Let them be the teacher and you the student. Not only is it a great educational tool. But it also boosts their confidence, and it can be more entertaining for them. In general, role playing has many benefits for children. As it boosts their social skills, their personalities, and their language skills. 

– Help them overcome their weaknesses.

Children tend to avoid what they think they cannot do. Therefore, figure out what your kids’ preferences are and focus on them. Talk to their teachers about what does not work for your kids. And ask to know beforehand any group classroom activities. This will help you prepare your kids for them, which will boost their confidence to participate. 

For example, if your child has trouble reading aloud, ask the teacher to let you know when your child must do it. Read the text with them at home over and over. This will help their language skills and avoid being embarrassed by their peers or teachers. Keep in mind – practice makes perfect! 

– Provide help at home. 

Being in a classroom can create some kind of pressure on students. Which will affect their activity within the classroom. Therefore, we must provide help at home for our kids. Create a study corner or a study room that is calm and relaxing for a better educational experience. Also, try to go through homework and prepare for upcoming classes. 

– Praise your kids’ strengths and develop it.

Sometimes, we tend to focus too much on the weaknesses and forget the strengths. But focusing on strengths is very important. As it will boost our kids’ self-esteem and encourage them to develop them further. Praising their strengths will provide them with more confidence that will reflect to their behavior and social skills. 

– Boost their social skills.

Finally, help your kids boost their social skills. You can do so through extracurricular activities and summer camps. That will help kids overcome being shy and too isolated. Such activities will help kids make new friends, get out of their comfort zones, and be more socially active. Keep in mind that extracurricular activities and summer camps help children socially, mentally, and academically.