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Top 8 cleaning tips for every Mum

Top 8 cleaning tips for every Mum

Our new-age mothers are multitaskers. They balance work and home life and are often expected to do everything with panache. We understand that it can give you cold chills in your back, thinking of scrubbing and dusting after a day at the office, but fear not, here are the best nine cleaning tips from the experts at Cleaning Company in Dubai, one of the leading cleaning services for every super mum.


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  1. Use Olive Oil to buff stainless steel

Do you fear of cleaning stainless steel dishes? We can understand stubborn stains can make you feel tired, because of a lot of energy waste on cleaning them. Use Olive oil or baby oil to wash out stainless steel dishes. Pour olive or baby oil on a piece of cloth and rub onto the surface of your plates in a circular motion. You can use this same thing for shining up your pots, pans, and other stainless steel utensils.

  1. Always keep white vinegar at home

Natural ingredients work well, especially when it comes to cleaning. These can help you clean out things in a better way. Do you know the benefits of vinegar? You can use vinegar and baking soda to get rid of stubborn stains like red wine. You can also use it to clean the refrigerator and freshen up the windows. Marker all over your childrens hands? White vinegar will easily remove it.

  1. Make everything smell nice!

Fed-up of smelly towels, and clothes? No problem, we have got a solution! Do you know lavender oil is the best to add a pleasant fragrance to your laundry? Yes, you can fill it in tea bags, and toss them in a dryer for the next step you clean your clothes.

No problem, if you find laundry difficult, you can find professional maids  in Dubai at affordable rates.

  1. Use toothpaste! It’s not only for cavities!

Do you know the other benefits of toothpaste besides cleaning out your teeth? Always keep an all-white toothpaste tube at your home. It will turn out to be a great spot and marks cleaner from the walls and floors of your house. It will also be helpful for you to clean up your stained silver jewelry pieces.

  1. Know how to save time with your larger tasks

Cleaning your curtains can take a lot of time, but we have got a solution. Instead of cleaning curtains, you can vacuum them. If you’re dealing with dust, a powerful vacuum cleaning can help you clean your curtains. You can attach a soft brush to get rid of dust and dirt. It will not only help you save time, but it will also keep your curtains in good condition. It is always better to schedule the cleaning according to keep your house clean.

  1. Don’t forget to dust your lightbulbs

Lightbulbs get easily ignored when it comes to cleaning. If you have dusty lightbulbs at home, then clean them in the first place. Dusty bulbs often give off a dim light, and they become less energy efficient. You can wipe them with a clean, soft cloth when they are turned off.

  1. Place newspaper at the bottom of your dustbins

This is a very wise tip! Use Newspapers to line up the bottom of all the dustbins present at your homes. You must be curious, what’s the purpose of doing so? Well, it is simple! They soak up the liquids and spills in the packaging. It will also absorb the smell of leftover foods and certain other items. And in turn, your kitchen will smell pleasant and fresh.

  1. Use Lavender oil to keep moths away

Many people out there suffer from moths around their homes. You can do this simple trick and get rid of them. Add a few drops of lavender oil on some cotton balls. Once you have that  done, then place these cotton balls in your cupboards. Moths can make your life hell, but not anymore!