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Crib to big kid bed, here’s how to do it!

Crib to big kid bed, here’s how to do it!

Could you have ever imagined your tiny bundle of joy not needing to sleep in a crib? Well, the time has come to move your baby – toddler, into a big kid bed. Yes we know, it’s a big step both for you and for them, your little one is growing up!

This adjustment often occurs just when you think you have the sleep routine sorted, your little Miss or Mr is sleeping through the night in their crib and then in comes to another challenge – moving to a big kid bed. This move often occurs due to the impending arrival of a new sibling in which case the crib needs to be vacated for its new occupant or simply because your child is ready for the move – and by ready we mean climbing over the bars and escaping like a little ninja.

Your biggest concern of this change will be how to manage late night walkabouts, particularly in homes with stairs, it’s time to fit the upstairs area with stair gates and try to make it a safe and secure environment should your not-so-little-one decide a late-night snack is what they are after.

Then you worry about them falling out of the bed; this is for the parents of children who when they sleep next to you resemble what feels like an octopus who has lost his keys. Lucky for us, we live in a day and age where there are so many tools available to us to help us on our journey. For this particular worry, you might be thinking that a few cushions around the perimeter might be enough; however, a bed barrier or guard will stop your little tyke from falling out of the bed, and you can sleep easy.

Most importantly and like with all things try your best to make it fun, kids at this age love to feel independent, include them in the choice of bed, some linen for their big bed and most importantly let them understand that you are still in the same place you were when they were in a crib.

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