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Don’t Lose It – How to Avoid Lost Items This Year!

Don’t Lose It – How to Avoid Lost Items This Year!

Waterproof, fade-proof and tear-resistant, these fetching owl stickers happen to be very practical. There will be no tears over lost belongings with these safely in place.

Twinkle Hands - Personalized Waterproof Labels - Owl

The Forget Me Not iron-on labels are perfect for your little sportsman. They make keeping tabs on his sports garments easy and make them look fresh with the personalized touch. We say ‘’no more drama’’ to the conundrum over a lost football jersey.

Forget Me Not School Pack Kick-off, Intense Blue

Channel your inner Monica Geller (only FRIENDS aficionados will relate to this pun) with this smart label maker. You and your little ones will fight over it – there is something oddly satisfying over labelling and categorising your belongings. P.S it’s super handy in the office too, if you’re the one whose stapler always gets ‘’borrowed’’.

DYMO - Junior Embossing Printer - Blue

Make sure to stock up on the adhesive tape too since you’re likely to run out. We vouch for it, leaving no residue to be peeled off again. Tried and tested!

DYMO - Embossing Tape Self Adhesive 9mm Pack of 3

Hot pink is hot, don’t you agree? This soft canvas lunch box is made for your princess to carry around her favourite snacks. Great for girls about to start school, it also makes for a great gift to a little niece or your favourite young neighbour.

Monogram - I Lunchbox with Pouch - Hot Pink