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Dressing Postpartum – How to Feel and Look Good

Dressing Postpartum – How to Feel and Look Good

Every mum wonders about dressing postpartum. How to do it, and how to do it to make you feel good. Well, look no more. Here you will find all the answers. 

The time to make sartorial statements will come. In the days that follow giving birth your focus should (and automatically will steer towards) being comfortable. Having said that, we have always been firm believers that with a few simple techniques one does not negate the other and comfort and style indeed do go hand in hand. In fact, we won’t have it any other way.

Here is what our resident stylist has to say on the matter:

Now is not the time to experiment stylistically. Define what styles and cuts you like the most and duplicate them in the period leading up to giving birth. If you have a favorite t-shirt make sure to stock up on two more and so on. You won’t have the time or the energy to plan intricate outfits so go for what you know routinely works.

Here are some comfortable and stylish maternity outfits you can find in Mumzworld:

For the time spent at the hospital as well as the first few days at home, you might not feel like wearing anything apart from jammies. Now is the time to invest in the best pajamas that money can buy. Granted that Kate Middleton receives press and dignitaries hours after giving birth but this is the one time when we don’t want to trade places with her. Treat yourself to a silky piece complete with a matching robe.

What about some comfortable Jammies from Mumzworld?

opt for colors that you know flatter your complexion. Just like with clothes you might find yourself not having the time to don a full face of make-up. There will be days when a coat of mascara feels like a victory and that’s ok. Simply opt out of ‘’I only look good in beige if I am tanned or wear lipstick’’ kind of garments and go for choices that feel visually invigorating.

Dress tonally and in monochromes. There is something very premium looking about color coordinating your clothes and it’s an easy way to look ‘’polished’’.

Lay out your favorite accessories on a decorative tray on your hallway table. That way, when sprinting out the door and you feel undone, just top your look with your favorite statement earrings or a silky scarf. The little things will feel like big things when the routines you are used to are out the window.  

And that is how you dress postpartum perfectly!