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Family outings during a pandemic!

Family outings during a pandemic!

Social distancing has taken its’ toll on most families both emotionally and physically. Concerns surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic have impacted how we interact with one another and the way we tackle our daily routines. Although we may never adapt to the “new normal”, we are trying to live with the pandemic, and to bring back a sense of normality into our family life.

One thing is for sure, staying inside have affected our kids negatively. Some would argue that kids are born with a built-in coping mechanism, but as mothers, we would have to disagree to some extent.
Unfortunately, we have witnessed the sudden mood swings, increase in appetite, fear, insomnia, and the muscle or joint pain that comes with lack of socializing, exercising, and missing close relatives.
These challenging circumstances have led us to appreciate our family outings, even more this year, whilst trying to protect our loved ones from a self-imposed unwanted guest: COVID-19.

How do we go about it? Here are our top 3 recommendations

1- We never leave the house without the necessary precautions.

Let’s say we have turned our welcoming entryway into a mini medical supply store! That little shelf previously designated for house and car keys, is now a dumping ground for sanitizers, sprays, face masks and tissue boxes.

2-We plan ahead. 

We love the GCC this time of year, and we are taking full advantage by planning outdoor activities. The trick is to call ahead and make a booking to avoid the crowds.

3-We maintain our Covid social bubble.

This is a lifestyle habit we might never get used to! We try to minimize the risk of catching the virus, by sticking to a small group of trusted friends or relatives, known as a social bubble, who share our views around the pandemic and abide by the same rules to protect their families and ours.

Whether it is greeting by touching or hugging, meeting friends while 2 meters apart, travelling or informing others when sick, these are all rules we have in common with our social bubble.

We are all in this together, mamas. We’d love to hear all about how you and your families adjust to this stressful COVID-19 world we are living in today.


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