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How to Get Your Baby’s Bath Time Right?

How to Get Your Baby’s Bath Time Right?

Let’s face it, baths for children are not about getting clean. While being a highly desired outcome for the (at times frustrated) parent. Each bath comes with the promise of a makeshift waterpark-alike adventure. Complete with squirt toys, inflatables and lots and lots of foam. And the mess that comes with the proverbial territory. While perceived as fun playtime by our little ones. The evening rituals taking place in humid hard floored bathrooms have on occasions made our mother hearts skip a beat or two.

Here are tips on how to make the bath time a safe and enjoyable experience

1-Invest in a shower filter.

The Pure Blue brand is a household favorite here in the UAE, successfully eliminating the aftermath of the water desalination process – remember that a toddler is inadvertently likely to swallow some water while splashing around. There is a bonus in it for the mum too; the dreaded hair loss caused by the heavy metal & chlorine-rich water will be a mere memory with the above-mentioned device. The cartridges available on Mumzworld can be easily replaced, and we recommend doing so on a quarterly basis.

2- Have the right gear.

For infants choose something with the right support for both baby, as well as mum so that you can easily bath your baby, Mumzworld offer a wide range of baby bath tubs, to chairs which are both anatomically correct and slip-proof for when that little one becomes more mobile.

3- Foam, gel, and toys.

When shopping for bath foams, gels and toys make sure to only trust products specially developed for use in warm water – alternative plastics might turn out toxic when in conjunction with heat and liquids. While not being able to bring the favorite doll or train etc. to the bath might cause your little one to tear up, this is a fight worth taking on.

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