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Postpartum Sitz Bath: What Is It, and When Do You Need It?

Postpartum Sitz Bath: What Is It, and When Do You Need It?

After giving birth, many doctors and experts recommend a self-care routine for mums. That is because your body just experienced great physical changes. Therefore, it needs great caring and tending. One of the most common things on that list is are sitz baths. A sitz bath is not just for postpartum periods, but it is very important for this time especially. So, if you are wondering what a postpartum sitz bath is, what are its benefits, and how to do it. You will find all the answers here. 

All You Need to Know on Postpartum Sitz Baths 

What is a postpartum sitz bath?

A sitz bath is a shallow and warm bath that you take sitting down – most likely on your toilet. The word “sitz” is from German origins which literally translates “to sit”. Doctors and OBGYNs recommend it for mums who gave natural birth. That is because it helps postpartum mums heal and recover faster. As it cleanses the pelvic and perineal area. It is also recommended for mums going through postpartum because it boosts their blood circulation. Which also helps you heal faster. Keep in mind that sitting in that small tub of warm water for 10 or 15 minutes can help relieve pain, boost blood flow, and soothe any kind of irritation. In addition, sitz baths are not limited to mums going through postpartum. But it is just as good for ladies of all ages as well as men. 

When is a sitz bath recommended? 

Doctors would recommend a sitz bath for many reasons and cases, such as:

  • – Giving birth vaginally. 
  • – Experiencing diarrhea or constipation. 
  • – Hemorrhoids. 
  • – Having irritations or inflammation in private areas. 
  • – Helps relieve menstrual cramps. 

However, you do not need to experience any of the above to add sitz baths to your hygiene routine. As it has many benefits. 

What are the benefits of sitz baths? 

Soaking your private area and bottom in a sitz bath have many benefits, including: 

  • – Relieving postpartum pains.
  • – Cleansing this area fully. 
  • – Increasing blood flow. 
  • – Immediate itch and irritation relief. 
  • – It helps your body to relax and heal faster. 
  • – Easing bowel movements. 
  • – Healing anal related issues, such as hemorrhoids. 
  • – Protecting you against pelvic inflammatory diseases. 
  • – Reducing pains from endometriosis.

How to take a postpartum sitz bath? 

Taking a sitz bath is very easy and simple. You can either use your own bathtub, or you can get a special and designated sitz bath kit. Fill the tub of your choosing with warm water and sit it in for 10 to 15 minutes once or twice a day. Make sure you have enough water to cover all your private areas. You can add salt or medicine to your bath water. But make sure to consult your doctor first. Not just on what to add, but on the water temperature as well. When you are done, make sure to pat the area dry completely. You can also apply creams afterwards if recommended by your healthcare provider. 

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Are there any side effects or risks to it? 

Many mums worry about side effects or risks to soaking their private areas in water after giving birth. That is understandable, considering you might have stitches or pains. But we assure you, there are little risks to taking a sitz bath. Any other risks would result from not cleaning the bathtub properly. Other than that, you are good to go!

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