Fun and easy ideas for a better planet

Fun and easy ideas for a better planet

By Dragana Stojkovic

We mums have 1001 responsibilities, and we often don’t feel very motivated to add one more to our list. Taking care of our planet is necessity but it doesn’t have to be a burden, it can be easy and fun. You don’t need to go extreme and become zero waste super mum overnight. My approach is to start small but start now. Compounding effect of small changes can have great impact too. You can pick one area that you would like to improve and make a family challenge out of it. Here are some of my favorite ideas for inspiration:

  1. Bring reusable water bottle every time you are going out. Keep them near the door to make sure you don’t to forget them. Paying for water in single use plastic bottles is ridiculous. This small habit will have good impact both for the planet and your wallet 🙂
  2. If you are a coffee lover mum like me, you can choose one some of the cool design options like this one It’s perfect statement piece for school runs!
  3. Choose to refuse single use plastic bags. Instead, choose eco tote bags and this can be your statement piece too.
  4. Eliminate plastic straws from your home and replace them with reusable silicon straws. And make sure you refuse them when you eat out.
  5. Say ‘No’ to take away food for a month. Instead, meal prep and bring your lunch to work. As a side bonus, you’llget healthier because you control ingredients you are using! Needless to say, it’s good for your wallet too.
  6. Make recycling your family activity. Recycling is not the easiest thing in UAE but it is not impossible. Find the recycling center close to your home and make it a weekly activity to drop off paper and plastic with your little ones. They’ll enjoy sorting plastic, paper and other materials. Check if their school or nursery has recycling projects.
  7. Go local! Is there a near-by park or fun activity in walking distance from your home? Make a challenge to explore your local community and connect with your neighbors. Let’s try to use our cars a bit less.

Bonus idea: Always select ‘ship all items at once’ when you order from mumzworld. I know sometimes you need your items asap but think about carbon emission you are producing when every single item is delivered separately.

We would love to hear from you now. Which idea from the list seems the easiest and most fun to do? What ideas can we add to this list?


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