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How to Become “ Super Mama ”

How to Become “ Super Mama ”

Do you want to be an ideal mom? Take heart, every mother is a “ Super Mama ” in her own special way; each modern woman has her own methods for coping with life’s pressures that force them to divide their attention between family and work. Here are a few tips to help you become the most perfect mother you can be.


1| Set aside some time for yourself. It’s true that motherhood is stressful, and you rarely find time to do the things you love like shopping or sports but setting aside some time for yourself doesn’t necessarily mean doing anything. You just must unwind until you have energy again, without thinking about cleaning, cooking, or exercising.


2| Learn to say no; you’re not Wonder Woman, who can take her son to the doctor, accompany her daughter to her friend’s birthday party, send an email from the office, and prepare dinner at the same time. Learn to set your priorities and ask for help from your husband or mother.


3| Stop feeling guilty; the sky won’t fall if you dress your toddler in an un-ironed shirt or if you’re five minutes late to drop off your daughter at daycare. Reduce your stress and be more forgiving of yourself.


4| Ask for help when you’re exhausted; it’s very natural to feel tired after having a child who will wake you up every three or four hours to be fed. Try to relax while your child is sleeping and divide child care duties with your husband. It’s all right to ask for your mother or mother-in-law’s help, too.


5| Don’t be held hostage by the kitchen; organize your time and prepare a menu for the whole week ahead of time, complete with the necessary purchases.


6| Don’t allow your child to take advantage of you but teach them to rely on themselves to put their clothes in the laundry basket and their toys in the toy trunk.


7| Establish respect; you won’t compel your child to listen to you by screaming at them. Speak to them in a firm tone that doesn’t accommodate disagreement to make them realize that they can’t do everything they want when they want it.


8| Give your child a few rules they must commit to. For example, “You have to finish coloring in your drawing, or you don’t get to watch TV.”


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