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Outdoor Play Can Help a Kid with an Intellectual Disability

Outdoor Play Can Help a Kid with an Intellectual Disability

As parents, we want to help our kids as much as we can. We do our best to help them have a healthy mind and body. Along with boosting their social and intellectual skills. If you want to do so along with boosting their senses and concentration skills. And if you want to reduce their stress and anxiety, you must take them outside. Outdoor play helps all children develop their skills both physically and intellectually. Especially kids with an intellectual disability. Learn here how you can do so through outdoor fun. 

Help Kids with an Intellectual Disability through Outdoor Play 

Outdoor play is very important to help children process and solve their intellectual disabilities. Being outdoors helps boost their skills and develop them. Here are some fun outdoor activities for kids to enjoy:

  • – Going to parks. 
  • – Visiting zoos and feeding animals. 
  • – Hiking. 
  • – Climbing. 
  • – Harvesting fruits or vegetables from fields. 

All these activities create a bond between kids and nature. Which can contribute greatly and positively to their development. 

Nature helps kids with any intellectual disability

Being in nature is one of the best therapeutic activities for children with any intellectual disability. It is a great strategy to deal with sensory disabilities like ADHD. By being outdoors, children will overcome their sensitivities to sounds and tactile. Furthermore, they become less aggressive, less agitated and less fidgeting. That is all a result of being in contact with nature and all it has to offer. 

In order to help children with intellectual disabilities the best we can. We must let them roam around in nature freely with little restrictions. Therefore, make sure you pick a place that is suitable to do so. 

Interacting with nature helps children physically and mentally

There are many studies out there proving that kids who interact with nature have better skills. Their senses, both emotional and physical, are more developed. As they are more energetic and have better concentration. So, taking your kids out to connect with nature is very beneficial for their minds and bodies. Plus, it is super fun to them, and way better than being locked up at home with an electronic device. 

Boosting imagination and providing holistic support

Playing outdoors fosters imagination and creativity. Those little adventures help children understand themselves physically and mentally. It urges them to develop themselves without needing a parent or guardian to tell them so. When it comes to their bodies, playing outdoors boosts our kids’ immune systems and makes their bodies stronger. The contact with nature helps their bodies build more resistance to germs and viruses. On the other hand, it boosts their mental skills – whether they have a disability or not. 

For instance, if your child has ASD, taking him or her outdoors will change their habits and behaviors. They will become less stressed and less sensitive to their surroundings. As they will become less aggressive. 

Being in nature is therapeutic

Feeling the wind, being in the sun, and interacting with nature all are very therapeutic. And not only to our kids, but to us as parents as well. Also, running barefoot on the sand and touching rocks for instance makes our children more courageous for new experiences. It will for sure enriches their minds and turns them into little adventurers. 

Finally, our advice is for parents to boost their children’s skills and abilities through connecting with nature. We know, it can be exhausting taking kids out after a long day’s work. But you must not forget how beneficial it is for your kids. Keep in mind that those adventures, no matter how big or small, will boost your kids’ intelligence mentally, physically and emotionally. As it will create a great bond between yourself and your family.