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Boy’s Winter Wardrobe: The Basic Essentials You Need

Boy’s Winter Wardrobe: The Basic Essentials You Need

Planning your boy’s winter wardrobe can be a lot easier than planning your girl’s wardrobe. As it is more basic, and boys tend to accessories less. And if you live in Dubai, GCC, or anywhere else where winter weather is quite pleasant. Then you know you will not need that big winter wardrobe. In this article, we will help you get the essentials you need for your boy’s winter wardrobe. 

Planning Your Boy’s Winter Wardrobe

1| Hoodies and sweatshirts.

First on our list for a boy’s winter wardrobe are hoodies and sweatshirts. These are at the top of our list because they are super comfortable, warm, and cozy. And little boys love wearing something that does not make moving around hard. Also, hoodies, sweatshirts, jumpers and jerseys come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs. So, whatever your little one likes, he will find it. Finally, hoodies and sweatshirts are always made of super soft and warm fabrics. So their skin will be safe from all irritations as they will be warm at all times.

2| Comfy pants.

The second item on our list is comfy pants. The comfy part applies to all sorts of pants: jeans, sweats, or jammies. When buying pants for your boys, make sure to keep in mind a few things. First, make sure it fits perfectly. Pants that are too tight are bad, and ones that are too big are worse. So double and triple check the size before purchasing them. Second, we advise you to stick to dark colors when it comes to pants. Boys tend to move around a lot and get dirt on their clothes just as much. So light or bright colors can be quite a challenge when it comes to washing and cleaning them. Finally, and this applies to jeans, choose ones that have a bit of stretch to them. As they will be both warm and easy to move around in.

3| Coats and jackets.

Winter weather means the need for coats and jackets. Even if you are in Dubai where you will rarely get any rain and it is impossible to get any snow. However, you will need a couple just in case. We recommend buying a waterproof coat with an attached hood. Your little boy will also need a light jacket for everyday use. You can either get a denim jacket or a non-hooded one if your boy already has a hooded-coat.

4| Warm pajamas. 

When it comes to buying jammies for boys, there are a few tips we want to share with you. One, make sure the jammies are made from high quality materials, especially cotton. Other fabrics can be uncomfortable for kids. Two, it is smart to purchase a pajama one size bigger than your boy’s original size. Especially if your boy is in that growing age where his size is changing constantly. And third, keep in mind safety issues. Some jammies have complicated zippers, buttons, or designs that might disrupt your kids’ sleep. So, keep it simple while considering getting jammies that are colorful and fun.

5| Tracksuits and sportswear. 

While you might not need a special sportswear during winter, especially if you live in Dubai. We believe getting a winter tracksuit is essential. You can get your boy a tracksuit set which includes comfortable bottoms and a hooded top; either a jacket or a hoodie. Also, choose tracksuits that are made with microfiber fabrics. That is mainly because this synthetic yarn is chemical-free, and it provides more protection against sports injuries. It is also easier to clean and wash.

6| Socks. 

Keep those little feet safe and warm with high quality socks that are cozy and also colorful. At Mumzworld, you will find a huge collection of fun socks for boys!

7| Hats and gloves

As we mentioned before, it is very unlikely to get snow in Dubai. But that does not mean your boy won’t need warm hats and gloves to keep him warm. And if you plan a family trip to Ski Dubai, they will come in very handy!

8| Cotton briefs. 

Buying briefs for boys can be very confusing. There are a lot of options out there, and you might get confused on which to choose. To get the perfect briefs or boxers for your little boy, keep in mind the following: 

  • – Breathable fabrics, we prefer 100% cotton. 
  • – Comfortable elastic waistband. 
  • – Length; as briefs and boxers have different leg coverage. 
  • – Good fit, so legs won’t pinch or ride up. 
  • – Colors and patterns.

9| Cozy indoor slippers

Finally, keep your boy’s feet warm and cozy inside your home with these adorable little slippers. They are also super safe as they feature soft anti slip soles. The elastic bands fit comfortably. And they are made with high certified cotton and nice designs to make your kids comfortable and have fun while wearing them.