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Top 10 Favorite Puzzles for Kids in Dubai

Top 10 Favorite Puzzles for Kids in Dubai

World Puzzle Day is right around the corner. Every July 13th the whole world shares their love for those brain teasers. Puzzle games are very good for kids as they enhance their logical thinking, creative mindset, and their ability to solve problems. The multi shaped jigsaw puzzles push children to think outside the box, and it boosts their concentration in order to solve the puzzle. Here are 10 favorite puzzles for kids here in Dubai that they all love! 

Top 10 Puzzles for Kids

Hao Xiang puzzle is a great game activity for the whole family, not just your kids. Doing this 1000 piece puzzle can help your kids master patience, care, concentration, endurance, observation, and intelligence. It is made of high quality recycled paper. Which means it is durable and easy to interlock for endless hours of fun and challenge. It is a great activity when you are at home during summer or winter vacation!

Help strengthen your little one’s early developments with this fun and colorful puzzle. This jigsaw puzzle is made of high quality extra-thick cardboard combined with finely structured paper to create a glare-free puzzle image. It ensures the best experience possible for your little day dreamer.

Is your child a space lover? Do you often wonder “what to get my kid who loves space?”. Well, look no more because this is one of the best gifts for little space lovers! TopBright’s Spacecraft Puzzle is filled with different planets, spaceships, astronauts, and even aliens! This wooden puzzle makes playtime kids safer and more comfortable. It is also made through fine slicing techniques to make it so smooth and easily assembled. You can take it anywhere you go for a fun time always.

All children are fascinated by water, fish, and everything under the sea. Get this puzzle and enjoy a family puzzle night while also stimulating your kids’ sensory skills and their hand eye coordination. This puzzle also encourages children to learn all about different water creatures and what they are called. You can make a day out of it and watch a documentary on underwater life after a fun puzzle game!

Viga always offers fun and educating games for children at all ages. This puzzle is made of high quality wooden material to ensure a fun and safe playtime. It is made according to the foundations of the Montessori school to help children develop all of their skills both physical and mental. If is perfect for toddlers who are learning to grab and coordinate.

Another puzzle that is perfect for toddlers from the age of 18 months and older. It is made of thick and lightweight cardboard which makes doing it easy and fun. It is the perfect gift for little learners, and it comes packed in a beautiful gift box as well. This puzzle targets your children’s logical thinking and associations.

Children might hate geography because they think it is boring. Well, not anymore. This fun and interactive puzzle teaches children about human geography, animals and plants, traditional festivals and many famous historic and cultural sites. We guarantee that your little one will love the vibrant colors and cute animals that this puzzle features. This collection includes several other cotenants around the globe like Africa, Europe, and America.

All boys – and some girls – love superheroes. Watch your little one have a blast with this amazing 3D lenticular puzzle. Once your child assembles the puzzle, it becomes a wonderful piece of art that you can display in his room.

Playing with puzzles does not always mean to sit and do it. Floor plat mat puzzles are a great mental and physical activity for your little one. This floor puzzle is full of color play scene to keep your child engaged. This Megamat puzzle comes with 6 soft but durable, jigsaw style, foam tiles and a Paw Patrol themed vehicle. The Jigsaw style tiles connect like a puzzle to form a large soft and easy to clean play surface for your child to explore the world of Paw Patrol for hours.

Another fun and safe mat puzzle for your little ones. This one is colorful and has all the alphabets to help your child’s language skills. In addition it help your kids to develop cognitive function, motor skills, hand-eye coordination, logic during playtime. It is truly a great addition to your child’s early education.

Check out more puzzles for kids here.

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