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How to Deal with your First Trimester Nausea?

How to Deal with your First Trimester Nausea?

First trimester nausea is one of the most common troubles pregnant mums go through. More than 80% of mums-to-be are forced to deal with it. Morning sickness or nausea usually happens early in the morning when you wake up. However, some mums deal with all day long which makes their first trimester so hard. Some mums even face it throughout their pregnancy. 

The good news is: first trimester nausea is a good sign 

Many doctors agree that morning sickness is a good sign. It shows that the pregnancy is going well and the baby is healthy. Morning sickness, or pregnancy nausea is caused by the increase of the pregnancy hormones inside your body. However, if it turns into daily vomiting every time you eat, then we highly recommend seeing a doctor to take the right medications if need be.

How to deal with first trimester nausea?

While there is no guarantee that you can actually prevent it, there are ways to deal with and reduce the nausea. Here are some tips to help you do so: 

– Don’t jump out of bed. 

When you wake up in the morning, avoid jumping out of bed immediately. Take your time waking up. Set up and stay like this for a while before you get out of bed. 

– Keep a snack on your nightstand.

We recommend that you have a little snack before getting out of bed. Keep some cookies, dates, or biscuits on your nightstand. Jumping out of bed on an empty stomach can really get your nausea going and you do not want that. 

– Avoid starving yourself.

Again, an empty stomach is a one way ticket to feeling sick. So, eat well throughout the day and don’t starve yourself. If you are working, keep a container of healthy snacks at hand and munch on it every now and then.

– Snack throughout the day.

Always have a snack at hand. On your nightstand, in your office, or inside your bag or car. Doctors do not recommend depending on 3 main meals a day only. It is important to snack in order to keep your stomach full and relaxed. 

– Don’t chug water. 

Drinking water is very important for everyone, and in this case for pregnant mums. It is important to drink a lot of water gradually during the day. If you are drinking a cup of water, do not chug it. Drink it gradually and repeatedly to stay hydrated and to keep the nausea away. 

– Avoid drinking water on an empty stomach.

If you drink water immediately after waking up or with food it can bother your stomach, making you feel nauseous. You can keep a water bottle with you to keep drinking small amounts of water during your day. 

– Cut out fatty food. 

We all know that fatty foods cause nausea and sickness, especially when you are pregnant. Avoid those foods as much as you can along with fried food, spicy food and foods that contain a lot of spices. 

– Eat carbs.

Eating carbs can really help with morning sickness. Such carbs include rice, bread, or cookies. But make sure not to eat more than you should. 

– Try chewing gum.

Minty gum really helps your stomach to relax and it makes the nausea go away. It also keeps your breath fresh! 

– Frozen foods really help.

Chewing ice is one of the most common ways to reduce first trimester nausea. You can also try freezing fruits in popsicle sticks. Eating cold foods also reduces morning sickness like lettuce, watermelon, and grapes. They also keep you hydrated. 

– Eat ginger.

Another thing to reduce nausea and calm your stomach is ginger. You can have fresh or dried ginger with a salad or a sandwich, and you can drink it too. Some pharmacies provide ginger tablets, ask your doctor about them! 

– Savory foods also reduce nausea.

Foods that are slightly salty or savory also help you with your nausea. You can try cracks in the early morning to avoid morning sickness. 

– Keep your vitamins in check. 

A low intake of vitamins can also cause nausea. You can avoid that by taking foods that calm your stomach. Those foods are filled with vitamin B6 such as:

  • – Bananas 
  • – Yogurt 
  • – Nuts  
  • – Spinach 

– Take whiffs of lemon essential oil. 

One of the most calming essential oils is the lemon oil. The smell of lemon calms you down and prevents feeling nauseated. 

– Caffeine is not very good either. 

We know you probably want to start off the day with a cup of coffee. But we recommend you stay away from all kinds of caffeinated beverages. The same thing goes for beverages that are citrusy. 

– Taking vitamins on an empty stomach is also bad.

Take your vitamins after eating. Taking them on an empty stomach is not good for your nausea. Also, when you take them after eating your body will benefit more from them. 

– Do not force yourself to eat.

Our final tip is not to force yourself to eat. Many mums force themselves to eat certain foods because they believe they are good for them. Always look for healthy alternatives that will make you feel good and benefit both you and your unborn baby.

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