The Fun Doesn’t Stop Just Because it’s Getting Hot!

The Fun Doesn’t Stop Just Because it’s Getting Hot!

The beautiful cooler months are long gone and the summer heat is here. The options for family fun outings and play might seem limited but if you look around, there is still so much to do!

If you want to play with a purpose and let your child explore a huge range of different play options (whilst enjoying the air-conditioning); head over to our friends at ‘We Rock The Spectrum Gym’ where children can explore the child friendly gym and movement areas, dress ups and pretend play as well as an arts and craft area. There is such a big range of activities available that meet every child’s sensory needs while fostering gross motor and fine motor development. Plus, there is a café on site – however, the temptation to play is calling even for us adults.

Take a break and catch a movie at the cinema – make sure that it’s suitable for  your child and enjoy some downtime together. Make sure that the fun doesn’t stop when the movie finishes, make sure you chat about favourite parts, bits they disliked and about the characters.

If your little monkey has some energy to burn, head on over to Cheeky Monkeys where children can engage in a huge range of activities; a fun soft play area, a clubhouse (two levels of wonderful and creative pretend play opportunities) and an interactive play area. Children from 10 months old and onwards are catered for in specific age-appropriate areas. They will definitely be worn out after exploring the 5 level play structure with over 3000 square feet of child-friendly fun!

It’s the perfect temperature for some messy sensory play. Set up the Play Island Table or the Shell Sand Pit and let your child explore and cool off.

There are limitless opportunities for what to fill these play tubs with like:
– Water
– Water with bubbles or food colouring
– Shaving foam
– Slime Baff
– Never Wet Sand
– Pots, pans, spoons with water
– Coloured rice

Set these experiences up inside over a towel or outside under some shade (please note that adult supervision is required with any sensory play).

Visit the park or beach in the early mornings or late afternoons. Pack some refreshing snacks and lots of water. Take a Beach Tent with you for some guaranteed extra shade. Don’t forget the sunscreen and hat while you enjoy some time outside (sun safety is essential for children and adults alike!).

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