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Reasons for Avoiding Regular Breast Cancer Screening

Reasons for Avoiding Regular Breast Cancer Screening

Breast cancer is very common amongst women. Early checkups are very important to detect it and treat it, especially during the first stages. In addition, treating it has developed greatly these days. However, many ladies avoid getting regular breast cancer screening. That is unfortunate because early detection is essential to cure breast cancer. Here are the most common reasons that women avoid getting regular breast cancer screenings. And why you should not rely on them. 

What is early breast cancer diagnoses

First of all, and before diving into why women avoid breast cancer screenings, you should know what early diagnosis is. Early breast cancer screening is a simple test screeching for cancer signs or symptoms. Women should get checked regularly, even if they experience zero symptoms. The goal behind early diagnosis is to start the treatment plan as soon as possible in case a tumor is found. That is because treating breast cancer during the first and early stages is easily achieved. The body’s response to treatment is higher at the first stages than other critical stages. In addition, full recovery is more likely during the first stage. 

What are the methods for breast cancer screening? 

There are many methods to detect breast cancer early. One of the most common and recommended ways is self-examination. Which is something you can do regularly and easily in the comfort of your own home. As for clinical examination, it is when a doctor, nurse, or a specialist examines you at the hospital or clinic. Lastly, doctors use mammograms or sonars to examine breasts and make sure they are healthy and cancer cell free. 

Why do women avoid getting breast cancer screening? 

1| Relying fully on other people’s experiences. 

Many ladies do not get checkups with their doctor thinking it is too soon. That is because they hear that it only happens to women over the age of 40. But the truth is, it can happen to ladies younger than that. This horrible illness has no age limit, therefore; you must check up regardless of your age. 

2| Generalizing wrong facts. 

For instance, some mums think that breastfeeding can shield them fully from getting breast cancer. It is true, breastfeeding reduces the chances of getting breast cancer. But it does not mean that breastfeeding fully prevents it. 

3| Being uncomfortable or shy.

When visiting a doctor for a checkup, you are going to get undressed and wear a hospital gown. And that makes many ladies uncomfortable. But this concern is a little silly. Because you are in a safe place, surrounded by professionals who will take good care of you. They will also provide you with the privacy you need. So, there is no need to feel shy or embarrassed, because this is something every woman must do. Also, look up a female doctor if that would make you feel more comfortable. 

4| Relying on unreliable sources for information. 

Getting information on breast cancer from social media, like Facebook or WhatsApp is very wrong. Doctors and professionals know about this more than anyone. Therefore, we urge you not to rely on such resources for information. But rely fully on your doctor to be your only source of information on breast cancer. Doctors are there to make sure you have a clean bill of health. So, feel free to ask and share anything on your mind regarding this. 

5| Not knowing how to examine themselves. 

Self-examination for breast cancer is very easy. If you are unsure how to do it, as a friend or your doctor on how to do it. You can also rely on professional websites or pamphlets on how to examine yourself. 

6| Thinking that avoiding it is just easier. 

Some ladies believe that not talking or addressing something will make it simply go away. But that is wrong. It is better to be safe than sorry. Banish all negative thoughts from your mind and set it as ease by getting regular breast cancer screening. 

7| Fear of the results. 

Finally, this is a serious matter. And surely, you might feel anxious when getting a breast cancer screening. But do not think of it this way. There are plenty of advanced treatment plans that are tried and trusted. And keep in mind, the earlier it is detected, the easier it is treated, 


Do not forget, you are the pillar of your family. You are a sister, a daughter, a wife, and a mother. Your family loves you and needs you to be healthy and strong. And that should motivate you to always be sure you have a clean bill of health. So, schedule a breast cancer screening now and banish all worries.