Halloween Treats – Top 10 candy alternatives

Halloween Treats – Top 10 candy alternatives

There’s no denying children get a LOT of candy at Halloween! So much, in fact, that a lot of it ends up getting thrown in the bin. 

Stand out from all the other houses, by handing out something different! Here are our Top 10 ideas for Halloween treats without all the sugar:

–  Jack-o-Lantern Mandarines

Buy some mini mandarines, and draw Jack-o-lantern faces on them with a black marker.

–  Bouncy balls

Even better if you can find glow-in-the-dark or eye-ball themed ones!

–  Glow-stick bracelets

Kids will love running around the neighborhood wearing these.

–  Mini bubble wands

Try and find them in orange and black bottles!

–  Popcorn 

Package popcorn in Halloween treat bags.

–  Mini water bottles  

Trick or treating is thirsty work! Accessorise the bottles with Halloween stickers.

–  Mini bags of crisps

It’s a change from all the sweet stuff. And even better if you can buy monster-shaped ones!

–  Juice cups or boxes

Halloween themed cups filled with ice and cold juice will go down a treat!

–  Re-useable plastic straws

Curly novelty straws are always a hit.

–   Pick-Your-Own Treat

Make up a basket full of novelty treats and allow kids to choose one item. For example – slap bands, novelty glasses, mini flashlights, fake mustaches, stamps, stickers, small Play-Doh or slime tubs, erasers, Halloween-themed balloons, mini nail polishes, whistles, cardboard masks, hair ties, tiny notebooks, and pencils.

When your kids come home with too much candy, don’t throw it away! Make up a few small bags for local gardeners or construction sites. Or, check out the Candy Buy-Back Scheme run by Clover Medical Centre in Dubai, who will take your candy in exchange for a certificate and free consultation. Additionally, they will spread some cheer by packaging up candies and handing out to labour community groups!

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