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Our best Superhero costumes this Halloween!

Our best Superhero costumes this Halloween!

It’s no secret that children love superheroes; there are many theories to why this is but most child psychologists will explain to you that the reason superheroes are so intriguing to 4-5-year-olds is that it’s an age when they are trying to find their own place in the world and assert themselves. When they imagine they are real-life superheroes, it allows them to pretend to have power, control, and independence that they generally don’t have in their reality that is ruled by teachers and parents. So why not this Halloween let them live their superhero dreams just a little more than usual by getting them superhero costumes to match! 

Our best superhero costumes for your little hero

Spiderman Costume

Little boys love Spiderman. They want it one their clothes, bags, and school supplies. So, why not take it to dressing them up as Spiderman for this Halloween. This is one of our favorite superhero costumes ever!

Supergirl Costume

Many think that superhero costumes are just for boys, but that is not entirely true. There are many female superheroes these days. And girls love them because they are strong, fierce, and fearless. Dress your girl up in this Supergirl costume and watch her rule Halloween!

Ironman Core

One of Marvel’s favorite superheroes is Ironman. Many think that he is the leader of the Avengers and many boys just love him! This Ironman costume includes the jumpsuit and a head mask to complete the look.

Black Widow Dress

We love dressing up our girls in female superhero costumes. It makes them look up to figures who are loyal and powerful. Black Widow is one of those strong heroes. Get your little girl a red wig to get the costume absolutely right.

Batman Classic Costume

Who does not love the Dark Knight fighting to protect his beloved city? This superhero costume is very detailed and it comes with the fierce bat head gear. The cape is also included to fight all the bad guys in town.


If you have twins, or siblings that want to dress alike they can go as Batman and Batgirl. This outfit is wonderful for little girls. It includes an adorable black tutu attached to the body suit, cape, face mask, and arm gear to fight all the bad guys.

Superman Classic Costume

Another favorite superhero for little boys is Superman. They all love the DC hero when he flies around and saves the day. Let your little boy be the superhero on Halloween with this Superman costume jumpsuit with attached boot-tops and cape.

Wonder Woman

This female superhero is everywhere lately. With her golden crown and fierce looking outfit, your little girl would look amazing in this costume. This Wonder Woman superhero costume includes the dress with attached cape, headpiece and gauntlets.

Captain America

This deluxe and fancy Captain America costume is ideal for special occasion, costume parties, and most importantly, Halloween. The suits design captures every little detail which makes Captain America’s armor special and powerful against all attacks. We assure you, your boy will love this costume!

Thor and His Hammer

Last, but not least, we got the God of Thunder: Thor. With his powerful hammer which is only for those worthy of it, he is ready to overcome all challenges. Including trick or treating this Halloween. This costume includes his mighty hammer and his famous red cape. The sleeves are also designed to show off Thor’s great muscles!