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Five Reasons Why We Love Halloween

Five Reasons Why We Love Halloween

While the concept of Halloween has existed for over 2,000 years and originated in Europe, it grew in popularity in the 1930s in the US thanks to the many Irish immigrants that moved there. Now a multi-billion-dollar industry worldwide, it’s showing no signs of slowing in popularity. From costumes to pumpkins and spooky food art, it’s every Instagrammers dream, and it allows brands from all walks of life to join in the trend. And here is why we just love Halloween!

Halloween kick starts the holiday season and here’s why we think you should love Halloween:

1. Creativity.

It’s the perfect time to encourage your children to be creative. Whether they help you make their costume, decorate your door or make the trick or treaters some tasty baked goods, there’s really no stopping the imagination.

2. Community.

Head out and get to know your neighbors. There’s not another day in the year where it’s acceptable to knock on their doors asking for sweets!

3. Traditions.

It’s a perfect holiday to set family traditions – such as the Halloween fairy for the little ones – they leave their sweets out for the fairy and in return, get a toy. It means we limit their refined sugar intake and trips to the dentist! For the older kids, why not start a horror movie and games night.

4. Inner child.

there comes a point in everyone’s lives where pretending you’re a superhero, tiger or Witch is no longer acceptable. This is our one day a year to really have some fun and reconnect with our inner child.

5. Stress-free holiday.

It’s one of the only holidays in the coming months that comes with as much or as little stress as you like and with increasingly busy schedules and commitments, that’s something we really value.

Don’t forget to decorate your house and enjoy this Halloween to the fullest!