Love Coconut Oil? We Tell You Why it’s Good for Your Health

Love Coconut Oil? We Tell You Why it’s Good for Your Health

Coconut oil – aside from being delicious (and may we suggest that you google a ‘’Healthy Bounty Bar’’ recipe asap) comes with a multitude of health benefits. It’s widely available in most supermarkets and as usual, budget permitting we suggest that you opt for organic wherever you can.

Coconut oil is known to increase our levels of good cholesterol. Yup; there are the good one and the bad one (egg yolks and saturated animal fat being the biggest culprit here). The yin and yang of cholesterols if we may. At the same token, coconut oil lowers insulin levels in the body and helps prevent type 2 diabetes.

Studies show that coconut oil (and to be more precise, the MCFA component thereof) aids in mending brain functions in patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Homemade coconut treats aside; coconut oil is a high energy source that will keep you full for longer. It helps with food digestion by increasing the body’s take in fat-soluble components such as vitamins and magnesium. It also eliminates toxic bacteria and candida, which fights decreased metabolism and stomach inflammation. That in its turn helps prevent stomach ulcers – who would have thought.

Not fond of the coconut oils flavour? Rest assured it won’t have to go to waste as it can be used as an ointment for cuts, wounds and burns. It also acts as a sunblock, and as a moisturiser for the skin, thanks to the two primary fatty acids in unrefined coconut oil and its antioxidant component, ingredients that when combined team up to reduce inflammation under the skin and promote better healing.

Lastly – let’s not forget that coconut oil works wonders as a hair conditioner, make up remover and chapped cuticles rescuer.

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