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Scalp Scrub: Tips and Tricks to Have Healthy Hair

Scalp Scrub: Tips and Tricks to Have Healthy Hair

Skin needs scrubbing frequently, whether it is your face, body, or even your scalp. Most ladies focus on face scrubbing and body scrubbing. But that they don’t know is that their scalp needs scrubbing every now and then. Why? Because many things can pile up in your scalp which might do serious damage to your hair. Such as chemicals, hair products, oils, and dirt. Use scalp scrub as a part of your hair care routine with these tips and tricks. 

Everything you need to know on scalp scrub 

Why is scalp scrub important? 

There are many reasons why scalp scrubs are important for your hair, including:

1| Cleaning your hair from leftover hair products.

Hair shampoo, oil, serum, and gel can cause product pile up within your scalp. The more you use those products, the more likely this pile up will happen. And while using those products help your hair, they might cause more damage than good if you do not scrub your scalp. Scalp scrubbing helps remove any pile ups caused by these products. Which leaves your scalp clean and fresh.

2| Maintaining healthy and shiny hair. 

Healthy roots means healthy hair – there is no way around it. If your roots and scalp are not healthy, then you cannot expect healthy hair. Therefore, it is important to maintain a scalp scrub routine as it contributes to having healthy hair. As it will be clean from any dead skin or built up residue. 

3| Helping you to get the most of the hair products you use. 

We all use hair products and hair masks to get healthier and shinier hair. Scalp scrub helps prepare your hair to benefit from all of these products. It will leave your scalp clean and residue free to absorb anything you use to make your hair look healthier and stronger. 

4| Eliminating dandruff. 

Dandruff is the number one enemy for hair. It causes itchiness as well as a very unpleasant hair look. One of the best treatments for dandruff is scrubbing your scalp regularly. All you need is to pick a good and efficient scrub scrubbing tool and use it once or twice a week. 

5| Boosting hair growth. 

Lastly, when you scrub your scalp, it allows your hair follicles to breathe as it boosts blood circulation. And both boost hair growth which means no bald spots, and longer healthier hair. 

Choosing the right hair and scalp scrub

Before starting your scalp scrub routine, you need to know your scalp skin type. This will help you pick the right scrubbing product. There are 3 major scalp types: 

  • – Oily 

For oily scalps, you need a scrubbing product that is filled with zinc. That is because it helps greatly in reducing excess oil and fat secretion. 

  • – Dry 

This type of scalps requires a lot of vitamins, especially vitamin B5, which is also called Pantothenic acid. Having this vitamin within the products helps your scalp be more nourished and moisturized. 

  • – Itchy 

Make sure to avoid products or ingredients that might cause scalp irritation or itchiness. The best ingredients to relieve this itchiness are coconut oil, charcoal, and tea tree oil.

  • – Sensitive 

Avoid harsh products that can cause irritation or inflammation. If you have a sensitive scalp, go for granulated scrubs for sensitive skin. Also, salicylic acid adds more protection to sensitive hair scalps. 

How to scrub your scalp? 

Natural peel 

There are many products with natural ingredients that require no prescriptions. For example, choose products containing sugar, sea salt, or charcoal. Those ingredients scrub off built up residue and dead skin. You can also make your own hair mask at home containing one of these ingredients. 

Chemical peel 

For more critical conditions, you might need a chemical peel. Like a special shampoo or hair mask which cleans your scalp. How? By using hair friendly chemicals that help you get rid of dead skin. Such chemicals can be salicylic acid or tea oil. Therefore, make sure to read the scalp scrub or peel ingredients before buying it.

Tips for scalp scrubbing and peeling 

Do it often, but not repeatedly. 

Do not over scrub your scalp. If you are using natural scrubs, once a week is enough. As for chemical scrubs, do it once every 5 hair washes, especially if you have an oily scalp. Scrubbing your scalp more than you should can cause irritation and excess oil secretion. 

Follow the right scalp scrub routine. 

The right routine starts with scrubbing your scalp after washing your hair thoroughly with shampoo and rinsing it off. Then, brush your hair correctly from the tips 

Massage your scalp with oils.

Massaging your scalp with oils, like coconut oil, is one of the best hair treatments ever. This leaves your scalp and hair fully nourished. How? By boosting blood circulation, thus boosting hair growth. 

A healthy diet is essential for healthy hair. 

A healthy diet can contribute greatly to having healthy hair, skin, and nails. Therefore, make sure your diet is filled with nutrients. Such as carrots, nuts, green leafy vegetables, and kidney beans. An unbalanced diet, even if it helps you lose weight, can damage your hair. So, if you are on such a diet, make sure to give your body the nutrients it needs through supplements and vitamins. 

Scalp scrubbing at home

As we mentioned before, you can make your own hair and scalp scrub at home. Here are some ideas to do so: 

1| Water and vinegar.

Mix about one cup of water with 3 tablespoons of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. Massage your scalp with it for a few minutes, then rinse it off with warm water. 

2| Coffee grounds and granulated sugar.

This is one of the most common homemade scalp scrubs ever. All you need is 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds, 1 tablespoons of granulated sugar, and some coconut oil. Apply it to your scalp evenly, making sure not to miss any spot, and massage for 10 minutes. Then wash your hair thoroughly with water and shampoo. 

3| Salt and lemon

If your scalp is oily, then this is the scrub for it. You will need one tablespoon of sea salt, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, and an aspirin. Mix it all together and massage your scalp with it for 10 minutes before washing it with warm water.