Stay Happy and Healthy this Ramadan

Stay Happy and Healthy this Ramadan

Fasting during the Holy Month of Ramadan has immense mental and spiritual benefits, but it can also have several health benefits if done correctly. So as Ramadan begins, here are the top ways to keep yourself healthy and active while fasting.

1. It’s easy to indulge in the tasty treats that are significant to the Iftar meals. Allow yourself the calorie splurge during the first few nights of Ramadan but apply moderation for the remaining period. In other words make sure your meals are as healthy as can be, packed with nutrient-rich leafy greens, fish and the foods you would typically opt for on your wellness journey. Also, read our article Suhoor Foods to Keep you going this Ramadan.

2. Apply portion control, especially since your digestion slows down at night.

3. Plan your meals. The more prepared you are, the less you will be prone to overeating or reaching for sugary/salty calorie dense fixes. Also, read our article Healthy Suhoor Ideas Made Easy

4. Remain physically active, taking in consideration that you may feel a little slow and sluggish to start with. Long moderately paced walks (early in the morning if the summer calls for it) or swimming in the sea are low-intensity workouts that you can resort to if you feel an energy deficit.

5. Stay hydrated and remind yourself to drink throughout the night, especially since many of the Iftar meals are salty and dehydrating on top of the water fast. Here our favourite items at Mumzworld that will help you stay healthy and hydrated.

We are wishing you a peaceful and healthy month of Ramadan.

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