Top 10 Tips to Help Your Child Appreciate Their Holiday Experience

Top 10 Tips to Help Your Child Appreciate Their Holiday Experience

1. Every night spend time as a family and list your top 3 favourites things for the day, note them down in a diary and start a collecting of memories for each family holiday.

2. Take a special toy with you and photograph it in different locations on your holiday. When you get home, create a storybook with your child telling the story of the toys travels (e.g. My teddy went to Rome, in Rome he saw….).

3. Encourage your child to keep a journal; it can include drawings of places you visit, tickets and flyer, words and other bits they collect along the way.

4. Let them have a turn taking the photos – they see the world in different perspectives

5. Track your adventure on a map, draw a line to show everywhere you went and help them to explore maps and how they work

6. Engage in local activities (preferably ones that involve other children their age) – perhaps a sports game, a cooking class or an adventure activity

7. Let them see the authentic side of travel. Involve them in aspects like purchasing entry tickets, working our train times and the functioning of different airports.

8. Play a game in each new location, for example, set the challenge that they need to spot something for every letter of the alphabet (e.g. in Paris, A- art, B – bridges, C – crepes).

9. Learn the basics of the language. Hello, thank you and goodbye – practise them when you are out an about

10. When you get home, look through photos and memorabilia and let them show them to friends and family and retell your holiday in their own words.

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