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10 Tricks to Make Vacation Easier for Parents

10 Tricks to Make Vacation Easier for Parents

Vacations are fun, but parents may have a tough time keeping up with the family’s demands. Here is a roundup of tricks that will ease your chores, keep your kids entertained and give you plenty of ‘me time’. The Cambridge English Dictionary defines Vacation as “a time when someone does not go to work or school but is free to do what they want, such as relax or travel”. But how to do that with a global pandemic? 

Vacation-ing sounds like it’s all fun before it starts. A vacation brings with it stress. It means kids at home. Kids at home mean extra responsibility. Extra responsibility means more work. You’re a good parent, so you’re in for all of it. Right? But get real. What about your responsibility to yourself? Did you forget vacation means “relaxation, ” and “doing what you want? ” Don’t panic, there’s always give-and-take. You know, compromises. You can be the best parent and still not disappoint your loving self. Deploy some simple tricks to make your vacations easier. “How?” you ask.

Here are some wonderful tricks for parents to survive this summer vacation.

Boredom is Educational

Before you knock your brains out trying to entertain your kids, keep the following in mind. You need not entertain your kids 24/7. Boredom can be educational for them. It will make them self-dependent. When children are bored they channel their inert creativity, and they might learn to entertain themselves. They might come up with something super interesting that might even catch your attention. You see, boredom is beneficial; for it teaches children self-reliance. It is rightly said that “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Vacations are all about entertaining one’s self. And kids can come up with their own entertainment.

Get Creative

Make this vacation productive. Engage yourself and your children with something creative. How about an hour dedicated to some very cool and interesting DIYs? It’s time you bring out all your old clothes and sit with a box of needles and thread. Here’s all you need to do. First, with a scissor, cut all the clothes vertically. Take one piece from each of three different garments, and make pleats out of it. Now, secure the ends by stitching them together. Let your kid do the pleats. Once all the pleats are made, you sew all of them together in some desired shape; a circle, an oval or a rectangle. What did you just make? A colorful DIY RUG! Kids will love to snuggle on their handmade rugs with snacks or their favorite books. This vacation, be snug as a bug in a DIY rug!

Charity is a Joy

Charity is not a duty. It is a joy. And it will give you an indescribable feeling of happiness. This should become your number one tip to make the vacation satisfying. Stock up your car’s back seat with homemade cookies, or spring rolls and packaged water. Drive with your son or daughter and share with not-so-privileged souls. You could ask your kid to pass out food to the needy. He will learn that sharing is caring. You can visit a nearby orphanage with your child and perhaps his cousins, and of course their used toys (good condition) and share happiness with others. If you cannot always accompany them, allow your kids to ride their bikes and go (to those areas only which you think are safe) and share food with those living on the street. This tip is good for the soul.

Flat Bread Nachos & Pizza

Happiest are those parents who can make use of leftovers. When guests arrive, you end up cooking more food than anyone can eat, and end up worrying what to do with the leftovers. Here’s a simple trick. If you have leftover flat breads, you can turn them into delicious nachos and pizzas! For nachos you need to cut the flat breads into triangular shapes and then deep-fry them. Sprinkle with your choice of toppings and have it with cheese-dip. So, yum!

As for pizza, take an open flat bread, spread pizza sauce over it with boiled potatoes and shredded parmesan cheese. Now place another chapatti over it and repeat again with your choice of toppings and cheese. Be generous with cheese. Once done, bake it for 20 minutes, and your pizza is ready!

Broken? Bread it!

With so many guests in your home, drinks are a necessity. And with kids all over the place, some disasters are inevitable! And when they happen, suppress your annoyance. Agreed, it is not easy to clean up a mess when the house is packed, and is especially not easy to deal with broken pieces of glass shattered all over the floor. Stress not! Grab a slice of sandwich bread and dab it over the broken pieces of glass. Then throw it in the trash. Voila! Safe and tidy floor for everyone to walk on.

Crayon Stains on Wall

It’s the hundredth time that you’ve squeaky-cleaned those walls. And it’s the hundredth time your little artist has exhibited his talent on those white walls. Brush and detergent takes lot of your time and energy and doesn’t always work on stubborn stains. So, here’s a quick tip. Dampen a rag and dip it in baking soda, and then wipe off the crayon stains. You’ll be surprised by the results.

Quick Facial

You’ve been busy catering to everyone else. You have not taken time for yourself. And the workload shows on your face. While making that fruit salad for everyone, grab a piece of banana, add few drops of honey onto it and generously rub it all over your face. Let it stay for a few minutes, then wash it off with lukewarm water. Serve the fruit salad with a glowing happy face, but first throw the banana away.

Safe Corners

Children at home means you need to be alert that they not end up hurting themselves. As a parent, you dread those corners on the dining and living room tables. Basically, anything that has a protruding corner is a matter of concern. How do you make those corners children-friendly? Cut a tennis ball at one end and push it into the tables’ corners. There! No sharp-edged corner. No fear of kids hurting themselves while playing indoors.

Tapes to Tape the Electrical Outlets

Concerned parents leave no stone unturned to ensure their children’s’ safety. You have taken measures to ensure the safety of your kids at home. But what about visiting your relatives or friends. If they have babies also, good for you. But non-baby-proofed houses are reason enough to get your attention. Carry a roll of blue masking tape whenever you travel. Cover any electrical outlet that catches your tiny tot’s attention. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

These were tips to make your vacation easier on you and ensure a vacation sans worries. Now you can easily take some time for yourself whilst catering to everybody else’s needs.

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