Top 5 Toys for Quality Family Bonding

Top 5 Toys for Quality Family Bonding

When it comes to quality family time, you can’t go past good old-fashioned games afternoon. Games have been a long-loved tradition in my household whenever we have quality family time because it encourages us to: 

– Put our devices away

– Communicate with one another

– Learn life lessons (rules, sharing, it’s okay not to win, etc)

– Spend more than a few minutes engaged in a task together

– Have fun (no matter the age).

Amongst the busy lives we lead, try to set aside time for family bonding and what games you could play together. Children need to know that they are part of the family (be it a traditional sense of the word or not), and regular games afternoons help to foster that. 

My go-to favourites (as a child and even now as an adult) are:

Pressman – Mastermind for Kids – Codebreaking Game

Mastermind for Kids is a game that can last hours simply because it is so satisfying to play. Children quickly learn how to play and use different strategies to break the code. It is lovely to play as a group as you can cheer and support the codebreaker to get the correct code (especially for younger players), whilst proving as a challenge for older players to solve it themselves. It is guaranteed to get your brain thinking and enhance problem-solving capabilities.

Pressman - Mastermind for Kids - Codebreaking Game

Don’t Say It Game

This is a fun time-pressured game that encourages you to think outside the box and use a range of vocabulary to avoid saying certain words. It is great for the whole family to play together and will have you laughing in no time as you struggle to find words to describe a set object. 

pressman toy- dont say it

Orchard Toys – Jungle Snake & Ladders Mini Games 

Snakes and Ladders is a wonderful family game that can be adapted for all ages. I love it because you can enjoy a game with only two players or a game with lots of players. It also helps children to learn about taking turns, counting, and rules. 

Orchard Toys - Jungle Snake & Ladders Mini Games

Mattel Games – Uno Card Game Tin

Uno is the ultimate family game, easily adaptable by changing the rules, easy to take away with you, a good opportunity for learning (colours, numbers, matching) and is so much fun. Uno encourages children to concentrate for longer periods of time and to keep track of what has happened before their turn. 

Mattel Games - Uno Card Game Tin

Orchard Toys – Shopping List

This is a lovely game to play with younger children, it is a game of chance (so everyone has a sense of achievement) and is simple to play. Watch as the excitement builds as people collect the items on their shopping list. It’s a great way to talk about healthy foods and living, build vocabulary and hang out.

Orchard Toys - Shopping List
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