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Looking for an Iron or a Steamer? Here are the Top Ones!

Looking for an Iron or a Steamer? Here are the Top Ones!

Did you ever wake up and wanted to head out only to find your clothes wrinkled and not so good looking? We have all been there. And that is why having an iron or a steamer comes in handy. Not only will you be able to straighten out your clothes at any time. But it will also help you save up a lot of money that usually goes to the dry cleaning place. Having an iron at your home is a great investment. So, we gathered up the top 10 irons and steamers approved by mums in Dubai! 

What to look for when buying an iron?

  • 1| Know what type of iron you want. Because there are dry irons, and steam irons.
  • 2| Weight, design and built. Do you want a plastic or metal one? Also make sure the handle is comfy and easily grabbed.
  • 3| Plate type – and there are a lot of options out there like aluminum, ceramic, non stick, and stainless.
  • 4| Temperature settings and control.
  • 5| Cord or cordless?

Here are the bestselling Irons here at Mumzworld

Black+Decker – Vertical Steam Iron

Black + Decker steam iron has a power of 1750W. This vertical steam iron is safe and easy to use for daily ironing. It features a nonstick sole to make ironing smooth and effortless. You can easily adjust the steam as per the fabric type and get best results with every iron. All the more, this vertical steam iron has an ergonomic make and is easy to use and store. In addition, it has an overheat protection to facilitate safe ironing and keep your clothes from burning or damaging. And the handle provides good grip and ease of sliding.

Braun CareStyle 3 Pro Steam Generator Iron

This Braun iron is small, light, and more powerful than many others. It is designed for space saving storage and easy handling. But this compact size does not make it any less efficient. This iron features a a new XL 2-litre tank that lets you iron for up to 2.5 hours without having to stop for water. The DoubleSteam Technology makes it a perfect choice that can get your clothes straight and shiny in no time.

Philips GC5037 Azur Elite Steam Iron + Optimaltemp Technology

The Philips steam iron with OptimalTEMP technology eliminates the risk of burns without adjustment. The DynamIQ mode allows you to select the steam settings depending on the type of fabric with multiple steam modes, such as ionic steam mode. Thanks to its turbo steam pump, more steam permeates the fabric, thus enabling faster ironing. The iron, supported by an intelligent movement system, makes ironing easier by understanding the ironing movements and giving more steam for the most stubborn creases.

Kenwood Steam Iron Teflon

This Kenwood steam iron is an ergonomically designed, smooth gliding iron that will give you amazing results. It features a non stick sole plate and powerful horizontal and vertical steam pumps. Also, it is anti drip and the Teflon soleplate makes it capable of self cleaning. There is also a thermostat function to help you adjust temperature to your needs.

Scarlett – Steam Iron SI30K16

The SC-SI30K16 iron with its Keramo Pro ceramic soleplate is heated to the needed temperature in a matter of moments. With this soleplate, you can easily handle both the most delicate fabrics, and severely over dried linen and remove all creases. Especially that the device features functions of continuous steam supply and spraying. It also has an automatic shutdown system which will ensure its safe to use.

Special features to look for when buying a steamer

  • 1| Weight – some steamers come in travel size if you are looking for something lightweight and easy to carry.
  • 2| Steam flow – this comes in handy when you are steaming delicate garments.
  • 3| Water tank – Make sure it is big enough to fit your needs.

Check out these garment steamers:

Tefal – Garment Steamer Expert

Tefal Expert Precision is a convenient garment steamer that strikes the perfect balance between comfort and performance. The vertical support system is the ideal flat surface for easy one-handed steaming in total comfort, with a variety of convenient features designed to improve the steaming experience. It makes it the ideal appliance for steaming abayas & long dresses.

Steamone – Snomad Hand Held Garment Steamer

You will love this hand held steamer. Turn it on, and it will be ready within 60 seconds. You will not need an ironing board or anything else. It is perfect for all types of fabrics as its power reaches 1500 watts. It also features an aluminum sole plate, and a stainless steel anti calcification system.

Geepas – Garment Steamer

Make your clothes looks freshly ironed using the Geepas Adjustable Garment Steamer. With Two Steam Levels, this Garment Steamer lets you choose the one that is best suited to the fabric of your clothing item. Its Telescopic Poles are Adjustable, so you can store it away when not in use. It only takes 45 seconds to heat up, which means you can start your task of steam-pressing in no time. Also, this Garment Steamer can release hot steam continuously for up to about 50 minutes, so you can handle a lot of garments in each cycle.

Laurastar – Lift Pure White

Laurastar’s first portable 3-in-1 steam generator, the Laurastar Lift Pure White irons, steams and purifies your fabrics. With a unique design and exceptional steam, ironing becomes easier!