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Modern Kitchen Gadgets to Help You Cook Faster

Modern Kitchen Gadgets to Help You Cook Faster

Preparing a meal for you and your family can be a lot of work and a little overwhelming. Have you ever started cooking a 30 minute meal and it ended up taking half your day? Trust us, we’ve all been there. But that is about to change with these modern kitchen gadgets. We assure you that they will help you cook just as good, only faster. 

1| Quick Chopper

This quick chopper is proof that not all modern gadgets need electricity. Simply place the blades in, add whatever you want to chop: lettuce, onions, or tomato and pull the tab for perfectly chopped vegetables. With this chopper you can make you favorite green salad or delicious hot stew within no time!

2| Black+Decker – Air Fryer

Everyone’s been talking about Air Fryers and how great are they. Why? Well, because now you can eat your favorite foods with less harmful fats and oils. Not only does it cook healthy and oil-free meals, but it cooks them in no time as well. This modern gadget is perfect for every working mum or busy mum to make a delicious, healthy, and quick dinner.

It also gives you a great excuse to eat French fries everyday.  Get your potato, peel them and cut them into sticks. Add a little of olive oil, paprika, garlic powder – and basically any spices you like – and toss them up in your air fryer. You’ll have a delicious treat within less than 20 minutes.

3| Instant Pot – Duo Plus Electric Pressure Cooker 6QT, 5.7L

This is one of our favorite modern kitchen gadgets. Another gadget that makes every mum’s life easier – the Instant Pot! This one works as a pressure cooker, sauté pan, slow cooker, rice cooker, food warmer, yogurt maker, cake maker, stockpot, and steamer. What more could we possibly want?

Let’s say you are in a mood for some roast beef. Here’s how to make it:

  • 1| First, get your beef, preferably eye of round or top sirloin, and pat it dry. Then season it with salt and pepper.
  • 2| Turn on Sauté More mode and add a generous amount of oil. Place your beef in the pot with the seasoned side face down and brown it. Do this again to all sides till its wonderfully browned from all sides. Then set it aside.
  • 3| Add some butter and sauté some onions and garlic. Adding some soy sauce Worcestershire sauce will give the them an amazing glaze.
  • 4| Place your beef on top of the vegetables, with the fat side up. You can add some mushrooms on top of the beef – which will be a great addition.
  • 5| Add in beef broth, 1 cup of broth per 1 kilogram of beef.
  • 6| If you want some veggies with this, get some baby potatoes and baby carrots and wrap them separately with tin foil. Place the two small bags in your instant pot on top of the beef.
  • 7| Put the pot’s lid on, and secure it well. Turn it to pressure cook mode and set it for 1 hour.
  • 8| Once the time goes off, remove the beef and the potato and carrot bags. You’ll have nicely steamed vegetables. Throw them in the pot with the rest of the broth and onions and leave them simmer for about 30 minutes. This will get you some perfect gravy and full of flavor vegetables.
  • 9| Finally, you can either serve the beef with the saucy vegetables as they are. Or you can slice up the beef and add it to the simmering vegetables.

If this isn’t comfort food, we don’t know what is!

4| Nutricook – Air Fryer Oven by Nutribullet

Air fryer ovens are another way to enjoy yummy foods with zero guilt. The rapid air technology makes everything 80% less fatty, amazing right? The Nutricook Air Fryer Oven includes:

  • – 1 Rotating Basket
  • – A rotisserie Shaft
  • – 10 Rotisserie Forks 10
  • – 2 Skewers
  • – Skewer Racks
  • – Wire Racks
  • – A drip Tray
  • – 1 Fetch Tool
  • – Protective Cover

So, if you like Chicken Rotisseries, Kebabs, or Shish Tawook – this gadget is definitely made for you!

5| Rice Cooker

Who doesn’t love white rice? It basically goes with everything! This non-stick cooking pot is perfect for making wonderfully cooked white rice in no time. This awesome modern kitchen gadgets includes a measuring cup, a spatula, and a scoop holder to ease cooking rice everyday!

6| Black+Decker – Cool Touch Toaster

Get your crunchy fresh toast within minutes with this Cool Touch Toaster. It is compact, and easy to use. And to make things easier, it includes a crumb tray to making cleaning easier and faster.

7| Beaba – Babycook Solo Limited Edition

Your little ones deserves the best of the best. And for sure, this includes the gadgets used to make their daily meals. That is why the Beaba’s Babycook is so perfect. It helps you cook healthy meals everyday with zero sweat.

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