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Our Mumz Guide for everything you need for your nursery!

Our Mumz Guide for everything you need for your nursery!

Creating your little ones nursery: Everything you need to know!

Planning and preparing baby’s nursery is one of the most exciting bits of the nine month adventure – it won’t be long before you’re welcoming a new little person into your home! And with babies sleeping for as much as 17 hours a day in their first year, creating a room that’s healthy and happy becomes even more important.

Your questions about nursery furniture:

The early days

Where should my baby sleep?

Experts recommend that baby sleeps in the same room as you for the first six months. A Moses basket or crib tat is attached to your bed is ideal for this– they’re small and compact so can usually fit next to your bed, making those night time feeds a little easier and keeping you within reach for a cuddle or a reassuring lullaby.

How do I make sure my baby is the right temperature?

Babies don’t need warm rooms so make sure your baby’s cot isn’t positioned in sunlight or next to a radiator. A room thermometer above the cot will give you peace of mind – around 18°C is ideal. If you do need to check baby is a comfortable temperature, check the neck or body rather than hands or feet.

Which extra sleeping kit is it worth buying?

A baby monitor is a worthwhile buy – plug the base unit in your baby’s room, then keep the remote unit with you so you can hear when nap time’s over. And sleeping bags are brilliant – no more kicking off blankets in the night and waking because baby’s chilly. Plus poppers and zips mean minimal disturbance with those night time changes.

Nursery furniture

Often the biggest investments for new parents, a cot, wardrobe, and dresser are the essentials for new baby’s rom. You can buy them all together to save time and money

How do I know whether the furniture will fit?

A great tip is to draw the room to scale on squared paper and then use cut outs of the furniture to try different layouts. You could also map out the space in the room using newspaper or mark out the floor with masking tape. And don’t forget to make sure there’s enough space to walk around the furniture, or open doors and drawers.

Cot or cot bed – which should I go for?

If yours is a compact nursery, a cot will fit your space better than a 70x140cm cot bed. However cot beds do make the most financial sense as they’ll last little one from birth through to four or five.

Moses basket and stands

For babies up to 3-4 months (6kg/13lbs) The strong handles make the basket easy to move, so you can keep your baby near you, wherever you are. Choose wicker or palm, with washable trimmings in plain fabrics.


A traditional swinging crib can help soothe your baby to sleep .Choose natural or painted wood. For babies up to 3-4 months (6kg/13lbs).


Cots come with either a fixed side or a drop side mechanism. Most cots come with 2 – 3 base positions. The highest position for newborns, and the lowest for babies who can stand up. Mattresses sold separately.

Cot Bed

Cot beds are larger, with removable sides, so they can be converted into beds. A good value choice, since cot beds have a longer life-span.

Travel cot

Folding cots are perfect for holidays – some also double as a playpen. It’s a good idea to get your baby used to sleeping in the cot for a few nights at home, before you travel. Many styles have removable, washable covers and fold away into a
travel bag.

How do I choose a mattress?

Always buy a brand new mattress as old ones can get compressed and unhygienic. There are three types to choose from – foam, spring and natural. Foam mattresses are constructed from high density, non-allergenic foam block and are great value for money. Spring mattresses have coil or individually housed pocket springs covered with a layer of foam. Our natural matttresses are made from coconut coir bonded with latex for enhanced support and breathability. Which you choose will come down to budget and personal preference

mattress protectors

Accidents do happen especially when potty training, so it’s worth buying waterproof, washable mattress protectors to keep it clean and dry.

your nursery accessories

mobiles and light ups

Keep little eyes and minds entertained with cot mobiles and light-ups designed to amuse, soothe and relax. Just make sure they’re out of reach of inquisitive hands.

 Changing tables

Avoid aching backs and sore knees with a cleverly positioned cot top changer. Perfect for nurseries where space is at a premium.