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Mumz Guide to Baby Carriers

Mumz Guide to Baby Carriers

 Imagine being carried for 9 months, all safe and cozy, and suddenly you’re all alone in this strange new place. Terrifying isn’t it? That’s how babies feel! It’s no wonder they love being carried by their mums so much. Baby carriers are one of those essential items that many new parents find themselves forgetting to buy. Yes, they’re not as crucial as a car seat or a stroller or a crib, and yes, you can technically go without buying one. BUT, when it comes to easing your life, they’re pretty important.

Why are Baby Carriers important?

1-Babies love being carried

Babies love being close to you, you’re their favorite place to be, their favorite scent to smell. Being around you will calm and soothe your baby. So instead of carrying them yourself, why not invest in a good quality comfortable carrier that will do the work or you? No matter where you are, your baby will always feel safe in the carrier, and will be less likely to fuss or get irritable!

2-You can breastfeed your baby 

You can nurse on the fly! Some carriers are designed so that mothers are able to breastfeed their child on the go. It’s also super discreet!

3- Perfect for on-the-go

When you’re out and about, crossing things of your never-ending errands list, a baby carrier will be your best friend. You won’t have to push around a stroller, especially if you plan on getting in and out of the car, all you have to do is place your baby in the carrier and you’re good to go!

4- Carriers will help put your baby to sleep

Do we even need to elaborate on this one? A sleepy baby is a fussy baby. So walking around with your baby will gently rock them and put them to sleep.  Win win!

5-Easy everyday tasks

Everyday tasks will be so much easier, and more fun with your baby in the carrier, whether it’s cooking, cleaning or general house chores. You can get stuff done while also bonding with your baby and keeping them quite content. This is especially useful if you have other older children to care for that need your attention.

How to choose your baby carrier?

Baby wearing has been around for centuries, and now that there are so many different types, designs and materials on the market, it can be hard to choose.

1-Keep baby’s age in mind

How long do you plan on using the baby carrier for? When do you plan on starting? Babies can and should only be worn on your front, facing inward until they’re about 3 to 6 months old. So, keep that in mind.

2-Multiple position carriers

The best carriers are the ones that can be used in multiple ways; so that’s front and facing inwards, front and facing outwards and back or hip.


The material the carrier is made of is quite important. You want something breathable, and light that won’t overheat you or baby after walking around for hours. You always want something that can be easily cleaned after a long, hot day in the sun…

4-Padding and Ergonomic Support

Carriers with padding are also more comfortable on your body and will not strain your muscles or joints. Look for an ergonomic design that won’t strain and put pressure on your back.


Here are a few of our favorites!