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10 Wardrobe Essentials

10 Wardrobe Essentials

1. A plain white t-shirt. This is an item you will be wearing a lot, so despite that, the high street is abundant in those, instead purchase one from a mid-range brand. It will last you longer, and the excellent price/per/wear ratio will yet again come into play.

2. A well-cut pair of jeans – and while we know that we will be keeping them in the bottom drawer during the summer, they are still a wardrobe essential. Make sure that you try them on before buying, engage the store assistants and make them bring you plenty and plenty of options and lastly take them to your tailor if needed be. Well, fitted jeans work wonders for our legs bums and tums, and poorly fitted denim sadly has the opposite effect.

3. A tailored blazer with the right shoulder width cinched at the waist or oversized for that Old Celine look. We suggest a linen one for the summer and a tweed/herringbone version for when travelling. They elevate any dress or denim/ tee combo in an instant. (Read How to Dress Well in Your Final Trimester).

4. White sneakers. Converse will do for the edgy mum – they are also easily maintained as they can be thrown in the washing machine. Adidas Stan Smith never goes out of style, and then there are all the high-end ones. Every fashion house has jumped onboard the fancy sneaker route, so it’s just down to how much you are willing to spend really. (Read Dressing Post-Partum. How to Look Good and Feel Good).

5. A Hermes scarf – wear around your neck (naturally), like a belt that looks lovely with your fitted denim, around the handle of your basket bag or lastly when you have grown tired of the pattern they look beautiful framed and up on a wall. Satwa to the rescue with its many quirky framing shops.

6. A loose linen dress in earthy tones will quickly become your summer go to, and linen is a timeless fabric. Dress up with strappy sandals for and a clutch or go boho with Birkenstocks (yes they are back in the fashion game) and a cute basket. Perfect for Ripe Market days with the family.

7. A pair of sunglasses that actually suit your face instead of 5 pairs of cheap(er) ones that you picked up on the go without really trying them on. It’s essential that they have UV light filters in them too.

8. Statement jewellery – this is where less but better comes in. If you really like a piece of high street jewellery take it with you to the Gold Souq and have it duplicated. It won’t tarnish, and you’ll appreciate it more.

9. A pair of Spanx – yes you read that part correct. Even if blessed with a svelte physique you will appreciate how much better your dresses will fit.

10. An oversized white shirt that can be styled in many ways, especially during pregnancy. Often best when found in a husbands closet seeing as it’s free. Play around with wearing it loose or tucked in or belted. The styling opportunities are endless.