Baby Archie and the Modern Royals

Baby Archie and the Modern Royals

Two days after his arrival, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed the name of their new baby boy. Ending months of speculation, the name Archie Harrison came as a surprise to many, as it was not amongst the bookmaker’s favourite names of Alexander, Arthur and Albert. While the name Archie is not believed to have any British royal associations, it has appeared consistently in the Top 50 boy’s names in England and Wales since 2003.

Royal names are traditionally chosen from a reasonably limited pool of names used by past kings and queens. However, Archie is not the first British royal baby to be given a name that is not traditionally royal. When the Queen’s first granddaughter Zara Phillips’ name was announced in 1981, it caused quite a stir. Zara has since named her own children Mia Grace and Lena Elizabeth, opting for unique first names, and middle names with royal connotations.

Meghan and Harry are a thoroughly modern couple, who have chosen to move away from several time-honoured traditions. The choice of an original name like Archie reflects their decision to break away from royal protocol and public expectations.

The public are speculating wildly over the name Archie, with some reports stating that Meghan named her son after her deceased pet cat, while others suggested she was a fan of the Archie comic books as a child. Both scenarios are highly doubtful. It is more likely that they chose a name they both loved and agreed upon. Like all parents, Meghan and Harry would have put a lot of thought into it … and Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor is a good, strong name. We like it!!

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