At-home skin gadgets that really work

At-home skin gadgets that really work

In general technology is progressing in leaps and bounds and beauty is no exception. Here is our favorite gadgets that actually work, and will save you time in the process.

Foreo UFO 

While the name does not only refer to its appearance, it also explains what it can do. Ideally, this is to be used in conjunction with the Foreo’s single used face masks, this app-enabled device heats, cools and pulses to boost the skin’s absorbency, which, in turn, sees serums and their ingredients penetrate more deeply. For face maks lovers, this is your dream gadget. It is charged by USB, super lightweight, and portable – so you can treat yourself to the full UFO experience anywhere!

UFO puts the power of clinically proven LED light therapy in your hands, with three targeted photo facials in one at-home device. Enjoy a painless, UV-free phototherapy treatment as red, green and blue LED light wavelengths effortlessly rejuvenate your skin. Hyper-Infusion Technology uses T-Sonic Pulsations to boost absorption of active mask ingredients and promotes micro-blood circulation for radiant, healthier-looking skin.

Foreo UFO

NUFACE – Trinity Facial Toning Device Including Gel Primer

This award-winning, multi-solution facial toning device is has been labelled as ” a non-surgical solution to a facelift. With micro-current technology, this handheld device is FDA-cleared, clinically-tested, and consumer reviewed for improved facial contour, skin tone, and wrinkle reduction to give you a more radiant, younger-looking appearance.

What’s impressive about this, it takes only 5 mins per day to see results, so it’s perfect for mums who are short on time!

NUFACE - Trinity Facial Toning Device Including Gel Primer

Philips Visacare Microdermabrasion

Does your skin feel congested? Looking for, fresher, more radiant skin? Inves

The Philips VisaCare’s Dual Action Air Lift Exfoliation system massages your skin which in turn encourages blood circulation, while removing dead skin cells, allowing for natural cell renewal. Results from people using the device say that their skin that feels smoother and firmer in 4-6 weeks.

Another time-saving beauty device that needs only 5 mins use, twice per week for best results.


Solaris Laboratories – Quartz Dermal Roller and Gua Sha Set

There has been plenty of talk about facial rollers and rightly so. his Grade A rose quartz facial roller has been pre cleansed the crystals via smudging and energized in Natural sunlight for optimum function. The crystal emits a vibration which releases tension, calms inflammation and encourages cell restoration. It will help with puffiness, dark circles while improving the shape and contour of your face. Use it with your favourite serum or facial oil.

Solaris Laboratories - Quartz Dermal Roller and Gua Sha Set

PMD – Kiss – Blush

As we age the appearance and fullness of our lips can sometimes diminish. The PMD Kiss is a smart anti-ageing lip treatment that uses pulsating vacuum technology and specially formulated serum to create a fuller appearance of lip volume and restores youthfulness to lips. Use it daily to boost collagen and create a long-lasting plumped-up look.

PMD - Kiss - Blush
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