Time Saving Beauty Hacks

Time Saving Beauty Hacks

No time for blow-dries and manicures, or even to wash your hair? Here’s how to look glam and together in super-fast mum time:


1. Wash your hair before you sleep, air dry, then plait the ends while damp and shake out in the morning for beachy style waves. If you don’t have time to shampoo, spritz hairspray onto dry hair, twist into a bun and take out the next morning for instant volume.


2. Cut down on time spent concealing dark circles and the effects of little sleep by using a gradual tanner. Apply it before bed, and you’ll wake up with fresh, healthier-looking skin and brighter eyes. This means less make-up in the morning.


3. Make-up needs to be fast, flattering and skin-brightening. Choose a creamy, multipurpose stick for eyes, lips and cheeks, smudge onto the skin, blending with your fingertips. The texture will melt in, giving tired skin a natural, healthy touch of colour.


4. Having your eyelashes and brow tinted make for more naturally defined eyes without mascara or brow pencil. Even sleep-deprived eyes will look brighter.


5. No time to get that monthly body scrub at the salon? Use a pair of exfoliating gloves with your shower gel to boost circulation and buff skin. They’ll leave no mess in your shower, or residue on your skin.


6. When washing your hair becomes a luxury, hone your dry shampooing skills instead. Don’t spray it too close to your head, massage it in with your fingertips and brush through to distribute evenly. Dry shampoo also perks up limp hair when you don’t have time to restyle your hair.


We hope that you found these tips helpful if no one told you so today – you look terrific! If all the above fails, call a salon for home service!

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