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Let’s talk about Birthday Parties, real unicorns and all!

Let’s talk about Birthday Parties, real unicorns and all!

We’ve all heard about, or been to, an extravagant child’s birthday party here in the UAE. Limousines driving children to a day spa, where they can ride side-saddle on a real unicorn and watch a private circus show, before fairies appear to personally hand each child an iPad as a take-home gift.

That may be a slight exaggeration, but I’ll never forget the first birthday party my daughter attended in Dubai. There were easily 50 children in attendance, plus parents. I bought the birthday child a book. You can imagine my mortification level when every child was handed a take-home gift worth far more than the gift we’d given. What I can remember clearly though, was the look on the birthday child’s face. He looked so overwhelmed and lost. He didn’t seem to know many of the other children, and clung to his brother.

When it comes to hosting a child’s birthday party, there’s a lot of social pressure. Additionally, we have to remember there are different cultural norms. In some cultures, it’s normal to go all out, and hold an extravagant party with plenty of adults in attendance, expensive gifts, and lavish food and decorations. And this is fine – as the parent who carried and birthed that child, you deserve to celebrate!

But for many of us, the cost of hosting a birthday party in the UAE can be breathtaking, and not in a good way. We’re also aware of wanting to keep our children’s feet on the ground. Overall, it’s important to remember that young children don’t really appreciate expensive and extravagant parties. They’re not being ungrateful, it’s just that they don’t understand the value of things. To a child, birthday parties feel like a big deal regardless, and as long as they feel relaxed, celebrated and loved, then it’s a success! If you do decide to keep things simple
and manage it yourself, you can still have a theme, decorations, easy fun food ideas and interactive games, without losing your sanity!

Sometimes, there is so much pressure to impress other parents, and in doing so, we can miss the entire point of the event. It’s not about other people. Forget about Instagram and Pinterest. Think about your child’s personality and how they will feel. Maybe they will enjoy being the centre of attention at a huge bash! Or maybe they’d be more comfortable with a low-key, smaller affair.

In other words, throw a party that suits your child’s temperament, and enjoy watching them spend time with the people they like, doing activities they choose!

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