Letter to Mum-to-be

Letter to Mum-to-be

Dear First Time Mum-to-be,

You are nervous. We get it. You are probably trying not to think about it too much because you can get overwhelmed and feel like you are drowning. So, you put on a brave face and get on with the long list of things you have to get done before your baby is born. We want to tell you that it’s okay to feel like that. You are not alone.

You might feel like you are, especially if any of your friends or siblings are pregnant, and they seem over the moon and excited and so ready for it. And you feel more and more alone and more and more nervous. We know how excited you are to have your baby but we also know that the idea of how much your life will change can be scary. We know about the alternating waves of panic and excitement that constantly wash over you.

When it gets to be too much, just breathe. Get as organized as you can before the baby is born. Make your lists, buy everything you need, get family and friends to help you whenever you need it, spoil yourself, let others spoil you, spend some time alone and with your husband. Talk to other mums about what you are feeling and you will probably find that they felt exactly the same way before they had their first baby.

Your life is going to change but only for the better. You are going to get tired, frustrated, angry, upset and just about every other emotion under the sun – including adored, loved, protective and peaceful. Becoming a mother is an honour and a privilege. It will make you the happiest person on earth, but sometimes, also the most miserable! That’s the reality and we know it.

We are Mumzworld and we plan to help you whenever we can in that most amazing of journeys in becoming a mum.

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