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9 Christmas Traditions That Build Family Values

9 Christmas Traditions That Build Family Values

Advent calendars, milestones, countdowns, stories, letters, recipes. There is so much to Christmas traditions. Build your own and savor memories that will last you a lifetime.

Christmas is the perfect time to build family and Christmas traditions; So which ones will you focus on this year? How will you establish customs that will last through the years while still holding on to the memories of the past? Choose wisely from these activities and they’ll be with you for many Christmases to come!

An Elf for Christmas – Elf Boy & Magical Reward Kit

If you have kids, you have to have this kit. One day an elf would arrive magically just before Christmas with a personalized letter addressed to your children. The elf will bring along a reward kit that is full of incentives to keep your children’s behavior away from the naughty list and firmly on the nice list. Use the Naughty Warning cards sparingly to guide your little ones towards proper action.

Tally up the nice deeds for all to see and appreciate. And which child wouldn’t want to earn an elf sticker as a reward? Involve your guests in the ruse by placing the Mischievous Elf Sign in the doorway. But quickly hide the elf on Christmas Eve as Santa takes him back to the North Pole. And in January when everyone has forgotten about the holidays, remind your children of the exceptional time they had taking care of their guest with a letter from the long-departed Elf. Repeat the experience every year for as long as there is a believer in the house. You can also purchase a refill kit to continue the magic from year to year.

An Elf for Christmas – 24 Advent Letters

What fun for your child to receive a letter one day directly from the North Pole! Read the 24 individual letters in order to discover the tale of what is happening up in the North Pole as all of the elves and Santa prepare for Christmas. The tone is very encouraging, especially the last letter which confirms that the child’s name is on the nice list. What more could a parent want than an activity that encourages their child to read and learn a very positive message?

The Night Before Christmas Sticker Book

And there’s nothing that says Christmas more than the “Twas The Night Before Christmas” story. This book comes with activities, stickers, and cutouts so your children can immerse themselves in the story. Everyone stops to listen when this poem is presented in a book, movie or play. So let them be a part of it today!

Playmobil Christmas Market

The Playmobil fans out there will adore this Christmas scene with six figures and more than 30 accessories to act out life at Christmas time – from caroling and shopping to tree decorating and winter sports. Take this set along with you as you visit your friends on Christmas. There are enough figures for all to share in the fun. And if you’re feeling adventurous, there are more sets available to add on.

Christmas Ornament

With this Christmas ornament you can construct your very own time capsule decoration. Parents can write precious memories in their children’s lives on the 12 small note papers and fasten them with the gold seals. A new memory can be added to the ornament each year so that you and your children will have 12 lovely memories and secrets to relieve as they reach 12 years of age.

Or devise your schedule to suit a child with a shorter attention span. Maybe the decoration can be opened and enjoyed every year as the memories accumulate. Perhaps you will have one for every family member. Everyone can write down what they’ve been grateful for each year and reveal their notes of gratitude every Christmas. “Thank you, daddy, for fixing my bike.

Thank you, mummy, for driving me to my early morning practices. Thank you, sister, for making me the Star Wars birthday cake.” What a heartwarming Christmas tradition to re-establish the healthy bonds in your family!

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Advent Calendars

The Christmas traditions of Advent calendars is decades old. Change up the ones you select this year to suit your family’s individual preferences. Do your young ones have established collections? Most kids start collections from a very young age. Check out their passions to see if these four calendars will send them over the moon with happiness.

This Advent calendar will appeal perfectly to the young people in your heart. Start the season on December first with a Smart Point Christmas train. Flip down the box to reveal a play mat, ready for the arrival of a fun new part every day over the next 23 days. Delight your child with the light up button on the train, songs and more features. The surprises never seem to end. The countdown to Christmas has never been more fun! By the time Christmas arrives, your child will have an entire collection of 24 toys to keep them amused.

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Lego® Star Wars™ Advent Calendar

The Star Wars reign begins. Every day for 24 days a new facet of the Star Wars movies will dazzle your son or daughter. Encourage your child to use the fold-out play mat, to accompany their dramatic play with all of the latest characters. There are five mini figures, droids, vehicles, weapons and more. Combine these with other sets of Lego to create an entire universe focused on defeating evil. May the Force Be with You!

Barbie Advent Calendar

If you have an avid Barbie fan, she will love the Barbie Advent calendar! The first twenty-three days hold cute accessories for Barbie but on the last day – Surprise! There are two cute hair clips for the collector herself. Personalized advent calendars make a great Christmas tradition.

Hot Wheels Advent Calendar Playset

What better gift could there be for the race car fanatic than this hot wheels advent calendar? Gentlemen, start your engines on December first and get set to race down to the twenty-fourth. There are eight vehicles and ten toys to delight that little speed demon in your life.

With so many traditions to choose from, start some of your own this Christmas. No matter what tradition you select, your family will have something to look forward to each Christmas. It is the little things that count in life – memories, treats, passions.

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