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All New Mums Essentials in One Place in Dubai

All New Mums Essentials in One Place in Dubai

Are you a new mum? Or a mum to be? Are you struggling with getting everything you need? We bet it can be overwhelming. Most new mums fear that they might forget something they need before their due date. You might think that finding everything you need in place is nearly impossible. But that is not true. Here at Mumzworld you will find everything you need for your pregnancy journey and the joy that comes after. No need to make a list, we have made it for you! 

What do I need during my pregnancy? What will I need after I deliver my baby? How to buy the best quality products? We got all the answers here for you. If you live in Dubai, UAE, or anywhere in the GCC region, Mumzworld got you covered with everything you need

Let’s start with maternity clothes!

As your baby grows inside your belly, so does your body. Your body is now changing and getting ready for giving birth and caring for your baby. So, as your body changes, your wardrobe needs to change as well. You will need comfortable clothes to make those trimesters easier. A good and comfortable outfit helps you stay active during the day, and ensure a good night’s sleep just as well. 

  • – Maternity Clothes 

As a pregnant mum you might wonder, what clothes can I wear? Well, no worries. We got you covered with a wide selection of maternity tops, dresses, bottoms and pajamas that will all suit your needs. You can always head out here for more clothing options. 

  • – Nursing bras 

A comfortable bra during pregnancy is important to keep you comfortable. It is also important after you deliver your baby to make breastfeeding easier. That is why we love the combination of both. These are our favorite maternity slash nursing bras. 

  • – Maternity belt

“You need a good maternity belt”. Every new mum heard this sentence. But most of them don’t really know why – but we will tell you. A good maternity belt serves you not only during pregnancy but also during the postpartum period. Maternity belts make the extra weight less painful and tiring for pregnant mums. It helps them keep their backs up straight to avoid back pains. Wearing a maternity belt throughout the day can take off some of the pressure and muscle pains. 

In addition, a belly belt will come in super handy during postpartum as it helps tightens up loose skin. It will be great for helping your body get back into shape. 

You need a good maternity pillow

Make sure to get all the sleep you can get during your pregnancy. We know it might be hard and uncomfortable, especially the last trimester. But that is why we have maternity pillows! Maternity pillows are usually big U shaped or C shaped pillows that hold your whole body and keep you cozy. It helps you get a good night’s sleep by supporting your neck, head, hips, and back. With a good maternity pillow, a restful sleep is guaranteed. And let us face it, you will need it before coming back home with a newborn baby

Remember to take your vitamins and supplements 

Every pregnant mum needs her vitamins. This includes folic acid, calcium, iron, B12, and omega 3. But what most mums forget to remember, is that you need those vitamins and supplements during postpartum just as you need them during pregnancy. So, make sure you take your vitamins and supplements. And keep checking with your doctor to keep your body strong and healthy. 

Are you breastfeeding? 

New mums find breastfeeding very challenging at first. But with the right gear, all will be easy. Here’s what you need to make your breastfeeding experience nice and smooth: 

1| A good breast pump

One of our favorite breast pumps is the Tommee Tippee – Made For Me Double Electric Breast Pump. It supports your breastfeeding journey by enabling you to feed your baby wherever and whenever you want. Also, it features a clever switching expression technology. Which switches from one breast to the other for a more natural and comfortable experience.

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2| Breastfeeding pillow 

Breastfeeding is a time to make a special bond between you and your baby, and a breastfeeding pillow helps you with that. In addition, this is a long term pillow. You can use it for breastfeeding and while you are recovering, especially if you had a C-section. Later on, you can use it as a tummy time prop pillow as your little one grows. This convenient pillow is also a great gift for a pregnant or new mum!

3| Nursing cover 

A nursing cover helps your breastfeed your baby in a private and comfortable way. It ensures privacy, comfort, and confidence while nursing. The material is 100% cotton. It is also breathable and soft so your baby stays happy and comfy. This is a must have for all breastfeeding mums.

4| Bibs and burping cloths 

Your little angel needs ultra soft and high quality bibs and burp cloths to stay dry and clean. Make sure to get ones that suits your baby’s sensitive skin. Also, when buying a bib, make sure you can adjust how it fits to keep the baby comfortable while eating.

5| Creams and pads 

Finally, every breastfeeding mum needs the right creams and pads to ease nursing pains, sooth dry skin, and restoring moisture balance. It also helps avoid irritation for sensitive nipples.

Essentials that every new mum needs

Bottle Sterilizer And Dryer

We’d like to think of it as 3 in 1: a sterilizer, dryer and storage place. All it takes is 40 minutes to have your little baby’s feeding bottles clean, dry, and ready to use. This Philips Avent sterilizer is quick and hygienic, killing 99.9% of germs for peace of mind at every feed.

The perfect stroller 

One of the main new mums essentials is the perfect stroller. Having the perfect one makes it easier to move around with a newborn baby. It also keeps your baby safe, protected, and comfy. The new YOYO2 stroller benefits from unparalleled flexibility and cushioning. In addition, it has individual suspensions on all 4 wheels, allowing the stroller to perfectly navigate all types of surface. Also, it is extremely strong and light thanks to its high quality materials. This’s one of our favorite mum picks!

A good crib

One of the main essentials mums need is a good crib. Bumble & Bird Adjustable Baby Bassinet helps you stay close to your new born and feed them without having to leave your bed. It has 9 height settings to make it easier to attach the bassinet to your bed. A plus side – the matters is made of breathable and soft fabric to protect your little baby’s skin.

A safe car seat 

Jikel’s Royz Convertible Car Seat is one of the best and safest car seats there is. It has extra cushions and padding with the help of the side protection impact systems make sure your little ones are always comfortable and safe in the car rides. Also, it offers maximum support and relief for newborns.

A bouncer chair 

Bouncer chairs or infant swings are one of the best things a new mum needs. They swing, they’re safe, and they have nice melodies to keep your baby calm and happy. This Mamaroo 4.0 bouncer has  5 speeds and 5 unique motions. It bounces up and down and sways from side to side, just like parents do when comforting their babies.

Baby Activity Gym

Newborn babies need their own time to explore the world and stretch their little arms and legs. That is why it is important for every mum to have a fun and colorful activity gym for her baby. This is a soft, fun and safe space for your child to play and rest. This musical activity gym features four sided fence for safe and fun play time.

Bathing your newborn isn’t as scary 

Many mums agree that bathing their newborn babies is one of the scariest things ever. That first bath is always so scary and challenging for new mums. Having said that, with good preparation bath time for your newborn baby will be a piece of cake. Make sure to get everything you need at the reach of your hand and follow the techniques mentioned here

To make this first bath easier, have someone help you out like your mum, a family member, or a nurse. This will make you feel less stressed, and you will get pointers whenever you need. 

How to make nappy changing easier? 

This task is dreaded by many mums. When it comes to labour pains and changing a dirty diaper – the first one seems bearable, right? But you cannot escape it, so you might as well prepare perfectly for it to make it less dreadful. Make sure you get the right things for this: 

Also, make sure you come prepared in case your little one experiences a diaper rash. 

What kind of safety essentials do I need as a new mum?

Every mum asks this question, and we got the answer. 

  • 1| A baby monitor 
  • 2| Baby proofing essentials 
  • 3| Air purifiers 
  • 4| Bed Rails 

Just because you just had a baby, doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself

A happy mum means a happy baby. That is the best rule for new mums. So, while you are taking care of your baby, remember to take care of yourself. Take some time to yourself. Go to a spa, or bring a spa home, and get a good massage or a facial. Use the time you have when your baby is asleep to get back to your skincare routine. Many mums might think that this is unnecessary. But in fact, it is extremely important as it keeps you relaxed and happy, and away from postpartum depression or anxiety.