Make your home your sanctuary!

Make your home your sanctuary!

There is nothing I love more than walking in the door after a busy day, to my cosy and relaxing sanctuary to wind down. I believe every home needs a space that helps you to relax and zen out.

It is easy to always put others before yourself, especially your children and partner, but you deserve some self love too.

Try some of these tips to create your own sanctuary.

  1. Turn off the lights and use candles to create a soft warm glow – plus the heavenly scents will add to the atmosphere. I personally love the Lava Moment candles – they are three flavours in one
  2. Set the scene with a beautiful scented diffuser, I love the subtle notes that these have in a room. I leave one of these in my bedroom all the time, knowing that it will always be my relaxing sanctuary.
  3. Be creative. It’s always nice to spend time just creating. Depending on what you enjoy, spend some time making, perhaps you can paint, draw, sew or write something. Enjoy the process.
  4. Use your favourite essential oils. There is so much research behind the power of using essential oils. My favourite to add to an electric diffuser is a Relax Blend.
  5. Pop on your favourite music.
  6. Change into comfy clothes and embrace the comfort of just ‘being’
  7. Soak in the bath – add your favourite bubble bath, a comfy bath pillow, a favourite book and soak away your stress. My favourite bath products are made by Sukin, my skin always feels amazing and refreshed afterwards and they’re natural.
  8. Curl up with your favourite book and a blanket
  9. Spend time in your garden – when the weather is nice my sanctuary becomes my garden. I love sitting in the sunshine and watching the world go by.

I urge you to try at least one of these suggestions every week, it is so important that you look after yourself and take some time out of your busy life. You deserve it!

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