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Mindfulness for Mums

Mindfulness for Mums

In the busy schedule of a modern mum, making the time for mindfulness can seem like another chore to add to an overwhelmingly long to do list. Surely that seems counter intuitive? The key here is to look at mindfulness as mini moments scattered across our day, instead of a large block of time spent in silence and solitude. Now the latter sure sounds heavenly, but for a mum with toddlers, it is bordering on Never Never Land.


  1. Every morning before you get out of bed, just lay still and take five deep breaths in and out. This part is non-negotiable – even if you hear that the kiddies are wide awake. You are setting an intention for your day and getting that oxygen flowing – this helps with mental clarity and let’s be frank: you’ll be needing that and aplenty.


  1. Download a meditation app. You don’t need an ashram in India to reap the benefits of mediation and 10 minutes each day will feel like a chore at first but make a world of difference if you keep the habit up. If you’re lucky enough to schedule in a manicure or even travel in an Uber or a cab, listen to a quick guided meditation instead of a mindless social media scroll. Here at Mumzworld, we like the Headspace app.


  1. Use whatever time you have to yourself to check in on you. Ask yourself:” how am I doing today?” Notice the emotions running the show and if you’re feeling any physical tension in your body. Take the results of this mini scan with you into the day ahead. Do you need to slow down? Do you need to address anything that you may have been avoiding that now generates more stress as a result? What would your advice be to a friend in your position?


  1. As simple as this may sound – smile at the other mums walking down the street, the mums struggling at the check-out. Smile at the cashier, the girl serving you your Costa coffee and the guy packing up your Spinneys haul. Ask them how they are. Feel that social connection and let it warm your soul.

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