Mum crush of the week! Chrissy Teigen

Mum crush of the week! Chrissy Teigen

In between authoring best-selling cookbooks, modelling, juggling two kids and a celebrity husband (John Legend), the incredibly relatable celebrity mom Chrissy Teigen still manages to make us laugh on social media. What’s not to love about her?

We have officially renamed her ‘The Clapback Queen’ because she keeps us entertained with her wit and sarcasm. Chrissy, who has been a successful model for over 15 years, has been a believer in documenting relatable bits of her life on social media and giving it back to the world of the unforgiving internet trolls.

The model’s two children – Luna Simone Stephens (2 yrs) and Miles Theodore Stephens (18 months) have taught Chrissy not to sweat the proverbial small stuff. She simply wants you to know that your kids will 100 per cent be okay.

”There’s just something that comes along with second kids where you’re just like, ‘Eh, they’re going to be fine, they’ll survive.”– the charismatic model says. She also adds: “It’s okay if the diaper is on backwards, you can stop fretting over that. When you’re changing that diaper in the middle of the night, you’re like, ‘Ugh, the straps are on the wrong side!’ It’s all fine.”

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