Mum crush of the week! Kate Hudson

Mum crush of the week! Kate Hudson

Celebrity mums do not really get much cooler than Kate Hudson and here is why: 

The 38-year-old natural stunner actress has two sons, Ryder, 11, and Bingham, 4. The boys are really lucky because their mum seems to make fun as her top parenting priority.

In a recent interview, when asked what makes her the happiest, the actress said: “My family. We have so much fun together. I can only hope that our children have as much fun as us.”

Here are a few reasons to why she is our Hollywood mum crush: 

–  Kate is not afraid to jump in the deep end. Literally.

Over the weekend, Kate shared a photograph on Instagram of herself and Ryder whilst on holiday, jumping off a pontoon. The video oozed of some qualitative mother-son bonding and pure life joy. 

–  In her raising of her boys, she is not a boring kale-only eating celebrity that forces her macrobiotic gluten free dairy free (fun free) diet upon her kids.

Kate also posted a photo of herself kicking back with a bag of cheese snacks and wine in a simple plastic cup whilst feeding her boys hotdogs. 

–  She takes her sons to cool live gigs:

Recently, the family of four shared a shot of the boys spontaneously rocking to Taylor Swift … with the youngest Bingham in a very cute set of headphones to protect his still sensitive young ears.

What’s there not to love?

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