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Mum crush of the week! Pink

Mum crush of the week! Pink

Pink (or Alecia Beth Moore), being an outspoken UNICEF ambassador, has her 5-year-old daughter aware from a very young age of what it means to give back to others.  Pink revealed that, in addition to knowing and caring about the incredibly sad fact that not every child has a warm and cosy bed to sleep in at night, young Willow is always happy and willing to give her toys to those who are in need. “When one new toy comes in, eight or so have to go out. Willow loves being in charge and organises the cleanouts”, says the singer. 

At the same token, Pink’s daughter is giving every preschooler a run for their proverbial money with the activities she embarks on. The artist revealed that Willow’s hobbies include aerial silks, just like the ones she has seen her mum use during her performances; as well as motocross (just like her dad). How is that for a fun and fearless mum?

We also applaud Pink’s relaxed ways of – with a healthy dose of self distance – making fun of the fatigue that comes with being a parent of toddlers. Recently, alongside a super sweet Instagram photo of herself and little Jameson, Pink wrote, “Oh my god I’m so tired my soul has a headache. But I’m so okay with it. So whatever, I’m just gonna take this little catnap real quick to wake me up in ten seconds.”

We feel you, Mum. We 100 % feel you.