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Pampering products for new mums

Pampering products for new mums

Being a mum is no easy job. Between caring for your children, your partner, and your home – forgetting about yourself becomes more likely. Take some time to yourself with these pampering products to relax and recharge!

How to plan time to yourself?

First of all, pick a date and make an appointment with yourself. Choose a time that will go smoothly with no distractions. We recommend arranging with your partner or a nanny to look after your little ones. This way your personal time won’t get interrupted.
Then, plan what you want to do and do you need to enjoy this time to the max.

We recommend doing a little spa time at home with these pampering products:

1| Facials

Give yourself a nice deep facial with a sheet mask and a facial steamer. This facial can be a part of your skincare routine. Remember, caring for your facial skin is important to keep your skin healthy, moisturized, and hydrated.

2| A massage

Running around your chores all week long will most definitely cause back aches and tension. Get yourself a nice massage with a massage ball, or a natural head massager. Massages are so beneficial to you as they reduce stress, pain, soreness and tension. They also increase relaxation, improve circulation and energy, and lower heart rate and blood pressure.

3| Manis & Pedis

Why go to the salon when you get to bring the salon to you? We recommend getting a Luxury Footspa to massage your tired feet. You will get great results when you follow it with a foot mask. Hand masks are also great to keep your hands moisturized and healthy looking!

4| Take a long bath

Fill your bathtub with hot water, and drop a relaxing bath bomb or some bath salts. Grab a loofah and give yourself a nice and cleansing scrub. We all love a good bath, right?

5| Revive your hair

Most hair treatments need an hour or so before washing. That makes them perfect for pampering yourself. Put on a hair mask and do one other thing from what we suggested above. Not only will you be relaxed, but your hair will be cared for too!

Finally, you can do one of our suggestions for pampering yourself while reading your favorite book, listening to some music, or catching a movie. Recharge and care for yourself to provide the best care for your family.